Why visit Siena?

Siena, together with Pisa and Florence, is one of the most visited city here in Tuscany. Due to its historical and artistic heritage and above all to the Palio, it is well-known all over the world and every year hosts a huge number of tourists.


Did you ever think about visiting Siena? Are you wondering to lose you in its wonderful narrow streets?


If you are planning to visit Tuscany and make a stop in Siena, we suggest you to spend here at least 3 days to fully enjoy all the amazing things the city can offer you.


Why visit Siena, Italy? - Borgo Grondaie, Siena
Piazza del Campo, Siena



You can begin your visit starting from Porta Camollia, which is one of the ancient gate of the city wall. Once crossed the gate, you will be into the historical city center and you could admire the medieval cityscape that characterize the whole ancient city. Exploring Siena by foot is a gorgeous experience and it is surely the best way to discover the city.


By continuing on the same way, you reach Piazza del Campo, which is the main square of the city and it’s considered one of Europe’s greatest medieval square. Within the square you could admire the monumental Fonte Gaia, while around the square there are a lot of ancient buildings such as Palazzo Pubblico – that hosts the amazing Museo Civico – or the Torre del Mangia. This last is the third tallest tower in Europe and by joining its top you will have the possibility to admire the entire city center and take a lot of wonderful photos. Take your time to “climb” the tower or to visit the Museo Civico and discover the beauty of our local art.


After your visit, Why don’t take a break enjoying a meal in one of Siena typical Osteria (Inn)? Located near to Piazza del Campo, within the Inns you will have the possibility to discover and taste a huge number of our local wines and food.


If you want to relax yourself after the lunch, passing through the big Piazza del Mercato, you can reach the Orto dei Pecci, a big orchard located just few meters away from Piazza del Campo, lay down over the grass and enjoy the amazing landscape view. It’s also possible to book a tour into the orchard to learn how to recognize the herbs that once were used as medical products


Why visit Siena, Italy? - Borgo Grondaie, Siena
Orto dei Pecci, Siena


You could spend the second day visiting all the monuments located in the Duomo Square. The Duomo Cathedral represents one of the most important examples of Italian Romanesque-Gothic cathedrals. In its inside, you could visit the cripta, a huge number of wonderful pieces of art and the amazing Libreria Piccolomini. From August until October it is also possible to admire the wonderful Cathedral Paving (which is open only few months a year) from the balconies of the Gate of Heaven.


Then you can visit the Museo dell’Opera, which is located just on the side of the Cathedral, and admire the masterpieces of local artist that are preserved within the museum. In the same square of Duomo and Museo Dell’Opera, you will find the Facciatone, from the top of which it is possible to admire the entire city and its surroundings. Just in front of the Duomo you will find one of the most important artistic center in Siena: Santa Maria della Scala that hosts a huge number of frescos and it’s often selected as location for temporal art exhibitions. If you simply want to relax yourself you can just stroll around the Duomo square and eventually do some shopping in the local shops of the city.


If you are addicted to vintage shopping, every month – the third Sunday of the month – there is a flea market located in Piazza del Mercato where you can find a lot of amazing objects.


Why visit Siena, Italy? - Borgo Grondaie, Siena
Museo dell’ Opera, Siena



During the third day you can take advantages by visiting the Basilica di San Domenico inside of which are preserved the relics of Santa Caterina.


Near to the Basilica there is the Fortezza Medicea which is an ancient fort, built in the city between 1561 and 1563. From above the wall of the fort it is possible to enjoy a wonderful view over the Sienese countryside. Within the wall there is a Jazz School, so if you are lucky you can walk above the wall while enjoying the great sound of a saxophone, and there is also a winery (Enoteca Italiana) in which it’s possible to taste typical wines of our region. If you are in this area of the city on a Wednesday morning, you will find the weekly market and you can enjoy the atmosphere of a typical market and maybe find some amazing souvenirs. Only 5 minutes away from the Basilica there is also a magnificent medieval fountain called Fontebranda, which is also cited in Dante Divine Comedy.


Obviously, If you are in Siena during the Palio days, you can’t miss the opportunity to see the Palio and to participate to Contrada’s parties or to visit the Contrada museums.



Are you dreaming about visiting Siena and discover the beauty of the city?


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