Where to take the best pics in Siena

If you come to #Siena….and you are keen on photo, you should know indeed, where to take the best pics in Siena to post on social media and share with friends.
We recommend the Facciatone of the Duomo of Siena which, besides being an important piece of the history of the city, it is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the ideal places to admire the panorama and take spectacular photos.

What’s the Facciatone?

Where to take the best pics in Siena - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
best pics in Siena – Il Facciatone

The Facciatone, as the Sienese call it, is nothing but a huge wall that was to become the façade of the “New Cathedral”, an architectural dream born at the height of the power of the Republic of Siena in 1339 with the intention of building a Church so majestic and rich in decorations and grandeur to be compared to the Basilica of San Pietro in Rome.

The project was carried out for a few years because, due to the plague of 1348, this suffered a sharp slowdown until its final suspension. After the abandonment of the Duomo Nuovo project, the Cathedral of Siena was completed (the one we see now). What remains of this ambitious project is the façade (that’s why it’s called Facciatone) which was supposed to
continue with the central nave and the 2 side naves of which the columns inserted in the architecture of the museum buildings (on the left) and of the Province building (on the right) are still visible.


Where to take the best pics in Siena - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
best pics in Siena – View of Duomo

The visit of the Facciatone is an integral part of the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo which houses precious works of the Sienese school first of all the Majesty of Duccio di Buoninsegna. The numerous visitors who visit the Acropolis as well as the Duomo of Siena Comèplex, made of Crypt, the Baptistery and the Opera Museum, are immersed in a blaze of shapes and colors that, in the intention of the clients and the artists, mark the access to the “heavenly Jerusalem”.

Climbing up from the Museum towards the Facciatone opens up a breathtaking panorama: towers, palaces, bell towers are delineated within the still well-preserved walls that delimit and merge with the infinite spaces of the landscape, from the gentle Sienese hills to the summit of Amiata . From the Balcony on the Facciatone it will be possible not only to see the monuments, but also to know more about Sienese art and history.

In fact, what’s new in 2019 are the visit at Facciatone where multi language guides will help visitors to recognize from the top the most significant “buildings” of the City, telling the story and the traditions related to them (such as the Palio).

Where to take the best pics in Siena - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
Best pics in Siena – View from il Facciatone

From 8 May to 8 September 2019 the Facciatone will be opened extraordinarily and only by reservation from 8 am to allow visitors to enjoy the splendid panorama.
The closure remains unchanged at 19. Only the visit from 8 to 10 needs to be booked, after this time it is sufficient to get the museum ticket to be able to enter it. Especially in summer, we recommend to be earlybirds, not only to take advantage of the amazing light to take good pictures, but also to enjoy the fresh morning air.

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