Visit Siena with FAI opening day

This is going to be a Special Weekend of Art and Culture in Siena.

On Saturday 25 and Sunday, March 26 visit Siena with FAI opening day.

The Fai is the Italian Environment Fund and in these days you will have the opportunity to visit places of great artistic value that are not usually accessible to the public.

Siena is one of the cities with more openings day of FAI because  most of  churches and palaces are still private and not easily accessible to everybody.

Unfortunately in Tuscany it is still a few monuments owned by the FAI  which means also managed and stored by this association. The one closest to Siena is the Tower of House Campelli in San Gimignano that it can be visited all year.

What to do in Siena in FAI OPENING DAY?

Visit Siena with FAI opening day - Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
Visit Siena with FAI opening day – The Monumental Cimitery of Misericordia

 The Misericordia Monumental Cemetery
opens Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6 pm

This cemetery dates back to the nineteenth century and was built by the architects Lorenzo Duties and Joseph Partini. The numberous works of art  which are still decorating the private chapels, makes this place a real nineteenth and twentieth century Sienese museum.

The most respected masters, worked for noble senese family to decorate their private chapels like Giovanni Dupré and Tito Sarrocchi,  John Bruni and Louis Mussini, Alessandro Franchi, Gaetano Marinelli.

Visit Siena with FAI opening day - Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
Visit Siena with FAI opening day – Antique Pharmacy

The Antique pharmacy at San Niccolo’ Hospital
opens Saturaday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm

Designed in the late nineteenth century by the architect Francesco Azzurri, the antique pharmacy was very modern for that time.
Infact it was equipped with a Chemical Cabinet and all scientific equipment, furniture and crockery and its own library.
The pharmacy still has quite a collection of ceramic vases and glasses, unique in its kind for completeness and excellent condition.

Thanks to FAI association it will be possible to visit many places around Siena. There is an interesting historical itinerary about San Galgano just 25 km far from Siena. It goes to the places of Life of San Galgano (like San Galgano Abbey) as well as giving more info about the Legend of the Sword in the Stone. Not to be missed!

Visit Siena with FAI opening day - Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
Visit Siena with FAI opening day – San Galgano Abbey

Who was San Galgano?
He was a knight who lived in the twelfth century in Chiusdino (south west of Siena)  and converted to the faith and become a hermit after in a dream vision of the Archangel Gabriel.
San Galgano retired on Montesiepi hills and stuck his sword in the stone (still visible today) to pray like a cross. His miracles and his history closely connected with the Grail and the Knights of the Round Table Sacred made his figure of great interest.

Visit Siena with FAI opening day - Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
Visit Siena with FAI opening day – the sword in the stone

What can you visit on the San Galgano Itinerary?

All the monuments (churches , museum and palaces) are near Chiusdino about 25 km away from Siena.

It is easy to drive there following the road SS73 direction MASSA MARITTIMA and it is very panoramic too.All monuments are open both Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm

San Galgano Abbey

It is one of the most interesting examples of Gothic-Cistercian style and reached, in the fourteenth century, a great power. The particularity of the building is that there is no roof on it.

For the occasion will be open some monastic environments, such as the Old Auditorium (Parlour), Chapter House, Armarium (Library) and the Sacristy, in the last few we have been discovered ancient pictorial evidence.
Scriptorium in the original will be an exhibition of photographic documentation on the iconography San Galgano.

Visit Siena with FAI opening day - Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
Visit Siena with FAI opening day – The Chapel of Montesiepi

Montesiepi Chapel

It was built between 1181 and 1185 on the hill where San Galgano retired as a hermit.
Inside the Chapel under a circular roof there  is the stone where Galgano  stuck his sword, as an act of conversion to peace.
Not to be missed the interesting frescoes of Lorenzetti one of the most important Sienese artists of the twelfth century.

The sacred art museum of San Galgano

On this occasion will be exhibited: the “Reliquary of the head of San Galgano”, work of the Peace Valentino gold and collaborators (1270-1278). As well as the “Crown of San Galgano” and “Pastoral” of the abbots of St. Galgano usually preserved in the museum of the Duomo in Siena.

If you are keen in  art and History do not miss the opportunity to visit the FAI Opening day in Siena
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city centre.
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See you soon!

Visit Siena with FAI opening day- Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
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