Via Francigena from Siena

Via Francigena from Siena:a pilgrimage to discover Art, culture and history of the territory

If you are interested in immersing yourselves in our culture and to discover the beautiful atmosphere offered by our landscapes you cannot absolutely miss the famous itinerary known as “Via Francigena”.

Via Francigena from Siena Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
Via Francigena from Siena


Via Francigena is a route of about 1.800 Km that starting from Canterbury crosses France and reaches Rome: the large variety of routes offered by via Francigena will give you the opportunity to discover different landscapes from the mountain areas close to the alps to the capital. Thanks to this characteristic  of being a religious pilgrimage which leaded to the papacy and spirituality center, today many medieval villages offer renowned places of worship such as relicts of Saints and churches with beautiful architectonical features and full of artistic masterpieces of the medieval age.

there are two ways to cover this relaxing itinerary:

route by bicycle: thanks to the variety of natural landscapes and routes offered by this pilgrimage many tourists decide to cover Via Francigena by bicycle. All the routes are well marked and you will find both roads or countryside and woods during the way.

walking route: If you are looking for a relaxing itinerary and you would rather enjoy all the natural and cultural elements around you, we largely suggest you to travel Via Francigena by walking.  The possible routes are all well marked during the way and it is possible to take a break to eat or to stay overnight.  For those interested in painting and photography it is also possible to take advantages of these points to paint the landscapes or take pictures of the wonderful atmospheres.

Via Francigena from Siena is the one which offers the majority of characteristic destinations and it is always able to fascinate tourists who decide to cross it thanks to its surprising landscapes, museums and rural villages.

San Gimignano

Among the rural villages which every year attract millions of European an International tourists we can find San Gimignano:  just 45 minutes away from Siena by car, this ancient medieval village immersed in the evocative Tuscan landscapes will allow you to discover the most traditional side of this region thanks to historical monuments like the church of Santa Maria, full of frescoes, the City Hall and the big central tower.

Via Francigena from Siena Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
Via Francigena from Siena photo credits: Antonio Cinotti


Located between Siena and San Gimignano, Monteriggioni is a picturesque village which offers unforgettable natural landscapes and where you have also the opportunity to try traditional dishes from the gastronomic culture of Tuscany.  During the visit you cannot miss the famous castle of Monteriggioni from where it is possible to enjoy a magnificent view of Tuscan landscapes.

Hotel Borgo Grondaie, located just 2 km away from Siena center and reachable on foot from the escalator, will allow you to easily visit the most famous villages of Via Francigena and to discover the most suggestive city of Tuscany.

If you want to run away from the routine and to immerse yourselves in Tuscan landscapes for an unforgettable experience take the opportunity! Come to our Hotel for more information about Via Francigena and for a pleasant stay.

Cibo tipico in Toscana - Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie

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