Tuscany for foodies

Tuscany is one of the italian regions which is also remembered for its traditional cuisine. The Tuscany cuisine includes genuine and tasty dishes from ancient origin, made by simple and easily available ingredients; a characteristic of its cuisine is the use of white meat and bushmeat but also of bread, considering that in Tuscany people never throw away it but also use it when it’s stale. That’s why we want introduce you some of the most famous traditional dishes that you must taste during a trip in the amazing cities of Tuscany.

Let’s start with the entrees and second course:

  • Pici cacio e pepe: they’re typical from Siena: you should taste it if you want to try the real Tuscan cuisine. It’s an entree very simple made with a few ingredients such as the Pecorino Toscano and the black pepper.


  • Pappardelle al sugo di cinghiale: it’s a very tasty entree which takes a long preparation for the sauce: the preparation starts letting rests the boar’s pulp all night long, then in the morning you have to leave marinate the pulp in the red wine (Classic Chianti) with celery, carrot, onion, garlic, junier berries and pepper. The pappardelle, a type of pasta, must be cooked crunchy for a better result.


  • Ribollita: it’s one of the most common winter dish in Tuscany considering that it is served very hot but also because the main ingredient is the kale, which grow during the winter. It’s a soup which contains different types of kale, beans, onions and carrots but also the stale bread.


Typical Tuscan dishes
  • Cacciucco: it’s a seafood dish typical of Livorno and it’s a soup made by fish like crustaceans and mollucs such as octopus and cuttlefish. This isn’t an easy recipe to cook because the fishes are cooked all together in the same pan but in different moments. Then the fish is served on a brown toast with garlic and tomato sauce.


  • Pappa col pomodoro: it’s a very tasty dish made by simple ingredients: bread, tomato, extravergin olive oil, garlic and basil. It’s very important to use a really good quality of the ingredients so in this way you will have a good result of the dish. There’s also need that the bread is without salt, in keeping with tradition.


  • Bistecca alla fiorentina: it’s a second plate where there’s no need of too many explanations, it takes just two things for a good result: a good piece of meat and a medium rare.


Typical Tuscan dishes

Here the sweets:

  • Cantucci: probably the most famous of Tuscany, they’re almond cookies, made cutting in slices the dough when it’s still hot. They have a golden top surface which inside there are whole shelled almonds.
  • Panforte: a typical sweet of Siena: it’s a bread full of dried fruit and strong flavors such as orange, cedar, melon almonds and spices.
  • Ricciarelli: they’re typical from Siena: it’s a sweet based on almonds, sugar and egg whites. They’re made with a marzipan paste enriched by candies and vanilla.
  • Castagnaccio: it’s a typical autumn dish obtained by baking a dough of chestnut flour, water, olive oil and pine nuts in the oven. In some areas of Tuscany the traditional recipe provides to add a particular ingredient: the rosemary.


Typical Tuscan Sweets


After having introduced you these amazing dishes you will have to visit Tuscany but especially taste these delicacies that the Tuscany’s lands offers. It would also be interesting attend fairs of food and wine typical from Tuscany and why not some cooking class.

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