Travel guide: from Siena to Rome

If you are coming to Italy maybe you are into culture and good food, then you should really visit Siena, in addition you may decide to visit Rome for the same reason. Traveling from Siena to Rome may looks confusing, so we made this little guide to help you to get to your destination.

But how can you go from Siena to Rome? Well, luckly for you there are a couple options:

  • By bus: you can take a bus in front of the train station in Siena, that will bring you to Tiburtina train station in Rome. There you can take a taxi, a bus or the underground line to move across the city. It takes 2.30h to travel from Siena to Rome by bus.
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  • By train: since there is no direct line connecting Siena to Rome,  you can take a train from Siena to Florence or Chiusi, there, you can take another train, that will bring you to Rome. It takes 4hr to travel from Siena to Rome by train.
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  • By car: you can take the A1 highway from Val di Chiana (about 44km away from Siena), and that will bring you to Rome. It takes 2.30h to go to Rome by car.

Should you visit Rome in one day?

There is really so much to see, so it would not be the best choice to decide to go to Rome from Siena just for one day. Starting from different cuisine, you may enjoy regional typical dishes like Carbonara, or enjoy an healthy stroll in Villa Borghese, which is a beautiful park just in the center of the city nearby one the main shopping street in Rome,  and obviously,  we would like to recommend to visit the Colosseum. As you can see, there is so much to do, so it would be better to spend at least a couple of days in Rome.

Travel guide: from Siena to Rome- Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
La barcaccia, Piazza di Spagna Rome- Photo credit Gian


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