Cala Moresca

Southern Tuscan coast

Southern Tuscan coast

Lots of opportunities will be available for you, if you visit Tuscany and the southern Tuscan coast. From the mountains of the Florentine Appennino, to the Islands of the Arcipelago through the hills of Siena, Tuscany will be the perfect setting of all the panorama you will dream of!

The southern Tuscan coast, less famous than the Versilia seaboard although equally beautiful, is an incredibly gripping seaside immersed between the Costa degli Etruschi and the Laguna di Orbetello, and distinguishes itself from the other parts of the tuscan coast.

The Southern Tuscan Coast
The Southern Tuscan Coast

One of the prettiest towns the Costa degli Etruschi is undoubtedly Populonia.

To reach the hamlet, which is located in the municipality of Piombino, Borgo Grondaie suggest you driving through the county road SR398, a wonderful “path” bending in the wilderness of the countryside.

The Southern Tuscan Coast - Populonia
The Southern Tuscan Coast – Populonia

Populonia, whose center spreads all along the “Rocca”, a fortification built in the fifteenth century to protect the town against the Pirates’ attacks, is set on the top of a hill surrounded by the sea: here you will get in touch with one of the coolest panoramic views in Italy, along with beautifully paved streets and peculiar small shops.

The hamlet, who during the Etruscan period was a front rank town in the iron production, is located up to the Gulf of Baratti, a marvelous linking point between the Macchia Mediterranea woods and the magic beaches.

The Southern Tuscan Coast - The gulf of Baratti
The Southern Tuscan Coast – The gulf of Baratti

Gazing the sea from Populonia, you will find the superb “Isola d’Elba”, the whole Piombino promontory, a wonderful panoramic point on the entire “Arcipelago”, and the nothern part of Corsica too, mostly on sunny days.

The history lovers will be satisfied with the archaeological park about the Etruscan graves and ruins, while the trekking lovers will appreciate the naturalistic paths crossing the entire promontory: on the way, one of them will bring you to the ruins of an ancient monastery, while the others will give you access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Costa degli Etruschi, such as Buca delle Fate, Fosso alle Canne and Spiaggia Lunga. At the end of the path, the breathtaking Cala Moresca- almost a gulf in the gulf- will appear in front of your eyes: there, a restaurant and a bar will be available for your needs.

The Southern Tuscan Coast - Cala Moresca
The Southern Tuscan Coast – Cala Moresca

Driving south, Borgo Grondaie also suggest sunbathing in the Costa Est beaches between Piombino and the Gulf of Follonica, where the green of the pine-woods blends with the light blue of the sea shaping a unique dream of colors.

Borgo Grondaie also recommend visiting the delicious Punta Ala, a seaside resort set on the northern part of a promontory just 15 km south the “Costa Est” beaches. The resort, which is a perfect watershed between the southern and the northern Tuscan coast, will be the right panoramic point for seeing the peculiar Castiglione della Pescaia, a small town where the beaches sand is candid and the streets bring you back to the past.

The Southern Tuscan Coast - Castiglione della Pescaia
The Southern Tuscan Coast – Castiglione della Pescaia

Alongside your seaside tour, you will encounter the beautiful Marina di Grosseto, a hamlet of the same name city in the countryside, and Talamone, before getting to the splendid Orbetello, a small jewel dovetailed in the famous laguna. The Laguna, shielded west by the Argentario promontory and north-west and south-east by two sand stripes, is a protected area internationally important, which host a varied fauna, with birds such as the pink flamingo, the major white heron and the cormorant. As a perfect meeting point between the coast and the Arcipelago islands, the lagoon hosts beautiful towns such as Orbetello, Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Sant’ercole.

The Southern Tuscan Coast - Lagoon of Orbetello
The Southern Tuscan Coast – Lagoon of Orbetello

Borgo Grondaie also suggest visiting the Isola del Giglio, a stunning island set in the earth of the sea, a few miles off Monte Argentario. The Isola, a wild and mountainous island where the woods overhang into the crystal clear sea, is linked with the coast by a ferryboat service available every hour of the day.

The Southern Tuscan Coast - Isola del Giglio
The Southern Tuscan Coast – Isola del Giglio

The incredible Isola d’Elba, one the best island of the Arcipelago, offers all kinds of landscapes: from the mountain landscape of the Monte Capanne, to the hill one of Marina del Campo or the marine one of its shores, the Elba will strike you with its beauty. A fast ferryboat service- only 30′ sailing- is available from Piombino.

The Southern Tuscan Coast - Elba Island
The Southern Tuscan Coast – Elba Island

The southern Tuscan coasts: an incredible experience in the unexpected beauties. Borgo Grondaie is happy to satisfy all your requests and hopes that the shores’ charm will find its way to your hearts as it did in us.


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