The marble chapel in Campo Square - Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
The marble chapel in Campo Square

The Marble Chapel in the Campo Square, a marble building that stands beneath the Torre del Mangia in the forward position to the facade of City Hall.

Siena ordered its construction in 1352, after a vow made because of the terrible pestilence of 1348, which “froze” in Siena many works in progress.

The marble chapel in Campo Square - Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
The Town Hall called Palazzo Pubblico with the Marble Chapel

The construction of the chapel continued until late fifteenth century. The four corner pilasters were erected, in the same way we can see today, in 1378 and above them there was just a wooden roof replaced, during the Renaissance, by a marble vault supported by arches with niches at the corners and a lintel depicting a classic series of griffins.
Inside the fourteenth-century niches marble statues were placed and today it is possible to admire those that remain representing S. Peter, S. James, S. John the Evangelist and S. Thomas.
The wrought iron railing, located at the sides of the chapel, dates back to the fourteenth century and seems to be the old railing of the first chapel of the Government of the” Nine” in City Hall.
To the left of the altar there is a tabernacle in stone depicting the Annunciation and Jesus blessing while above the altar, unfortunately just few traces remain of the fresco made by Sodoma between 1537 and 1539 depicting the Madonna with Child and Angels and God.

This Chapel is still protagonist of moments particularly felt by people from Siena, especially for the so-called “Mass of the jockey” that is celebrated in the early morning of every July 2nd and August 16th (the days of the most famous horse race in the world i.e. the Palio) before the last trial also called the “provaccia”.

From the Book: “Tutta Siena Contrada per Contrada” by Piero Torriti.

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The marble chapel in Campo Square - Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie





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