The historical parade for the Palio of Siena is much more than a parade that precedes each Palio. It tell us the story, the emotion and proud of Sienese guys who are chosen to represent their Contrada in the promenade. The beauty of seeing the parade composed of 700 persons , horses, flags and drums…. has no equal!

Borgo Grondaie does not want to tell you what’s going on during the parade, we want instead to make you concentrate on the costumes worn by the participants. As you can imagine from 1626, day of the first parade, the costumes were not always the same. On 2000 there was the last renewal but the turning point about the costumes was in 1980 when the three drafters chosen by the town council have managed to instill the ‘elegance of the late fifteenth century, through the study of famous paintings from 1450 to 1520.

Regarding the materials that were used, the difficulty of finding on the market various colors of brocade fabrics , made the drafters dream up what is called “embossing”, where thanks to a mechanical roller were etched in relief the desired drawings.

THE HISTORICAL PARADE - Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
THE HISTORICAL PARADE – Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie

To give you an idea of all details taken into account for each character of the historic walk ,let me tell you the story of the costume used for the TEACHER figure: it has been used red velvet for the hat, trimmed with “vaio” fur (a kind of squirrel), the Robone ( a long sackcloth) with deep pleats and side opening till the waist. In order to reproduce the vaio fur, they used a white synthetics stitched- segments of fur, on which stripes were drawn with graphite to simulate the color of this little squirrel.

Almost all the dresses are hand-sewn with delicate and precious threads and attention to detail. Can you image how long to tailor all costumes?

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