Tasting high quality wines

Tasting is the way with which we can sense the taste of wine, and also we can be able to perceive its characteristics. We will give you some advice on how to taste high quality wines.

Tasting high quality wines-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Tasting high quality wines-Wine and food combination

1)Excellent food and wine combination. Combining wine and good food is the best thing to bring out their characteristics. In general, we can combine white wine-fish or white meat and red wine-red meat or very savory white meat.

2) Temperature. Usually, white wines should maintain a low temperature, while the red ones must be served at room temperature. In general, each wine has its specific temperature, which is reported on the tag and also it is suggested to immerse the bottle in an ice bucket.

3) Sight and smell. Both are important elements on tasting a wine. They are the first senses which show us wine’s characteristics, through the scents, the color and full-bodied wine which remain in the glass.

4) Taste. Another important characteristic is tannin, especially in red wines. Its major concentration and its potential delicacy or ruggedness create a sense of dryness in the mouth. While we are tasting wines we should take care to the persistence of scents and tastes.

Tasting high quality wines-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Tasting high quality wines-Wine tasting

5) The glass. Each type of wine has its specific glass. For example, for a type of champagne or sparkling wine, we use a tight, long and tapered glass, because it gradually releases all scents of the wine. While, for red wines usually we use a sort of wide glass, which is called baloon and it offers a major surface to permit the oxygenation.

6) Conservation. A high quality wine should be preserved  horizontally and also we should not preserved it into a moist place to avoid the formation of mildews.

If you are here in Siena, the Enoteca Italiana, historical wine shop since 1933, offers a selection of the best Italian and Tuscan wines, in a very beautiful location, which is the Fortezza Medicea. Also, if you are curious to taste the specialties of the city (desserts, such as the panforte, the ricciarelli, but also salty specialties, such as cheeses of Pienza, Cold Cut) the Consorzio Agrario of Siena will satisfy your palates.

Tasting high quality wines-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Tasting high quality wines-Enoteca Italiana

And what about you? Do you want to learn on how tasting high quality wines?

We of Borgo Grondaie love high quality wines and specialties. You will spend a very unique and tasty weekend, like a good glass of wine!


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