Passignano Abby a hidden gem in Chianti is  even called Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo in Passignano; it is located in Tavernella Val di Pesa area, near Florence. The building surrounded by the houses of the village is still a monastery. Passignano Abby was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt and  its present appearance  is that of a fort rather than a monastery.

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Passignano abby


Passignano abby – IL Chiostro


Passignano abby

The abbey of San Michele  is dedicated to the angel warrior San Michele. The statue of the angel on the top of the chapel roof  and the Templar cross that lies within are clear symbols of it. The abbey which once contained over 6600 scrolls it is a real  treasure to visit and discover. The monks who live in only ask visitors for a  donation but we guarantee that what you see is worth well over. Very beautiful is the medieval kitchen never renovated during  nineteenth century and  the hall of the refectory where “The Last Supper” by Ghirlandaio dating back to 1476 and  covers the entire wall of the room.


Passignano abby – Medieval kitchen


Passignano abby – Medieval kitchen


Passignano abby – Medieval kitchen


Passignano abby – Medieval kitchen


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Last Supper from Ghirlandaio

Currently the fresco is covered because under restoration. Lack of funds are, however, lengthening the time of the restoration. This is also why I suggest you a  visit at the Abbey of Passignano and leave your generous contribution that will be critical to the preservation of  this beautiful fresco, a symbol of Italian culture. Beautiful view from the gardens and from the terrace.

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from the garden of Passignano Abby


Passignano Abby – a view of the chiostro

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The garden – Passignano Abby

Have a nice tour

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