Borgo Grondaie closer to the city center. In November 7th the new bus terminal in Viale Lombardi in Siena, was finally inaugurated thanks to the underpass which connects directly to Piazzale Rosselli in front of the Train Station of Siena. It makes easier to reach the city center of Siena.


Entrace- Piazzale Rosselli


From the new bus terminal you can get all the blue buses that lead you to Buonconvento-Torrenieri-Montalcino, Castelnuovo Berardenga, Chianciano Terme, Pienza-Montepulciano, Villa a Sesta-San Gusmè, Asciano, Gaiole in Chianti-Pianella-Pievasciata, Montevarchi and Pitigliano. Moreover from there, you can also get all the orange traditional urban buses.

Bus station

Bus terminal

A beautiful work that will surely be appreciated from all the guests of Borgo Grondaie. It is an important change that allows Borgo Grondaie to be closer to the city center of Siena. Thanks to the underpass connecting with the Train Station of Siena, you can make a pedestrian path only, completely covered in case of rain, leading you to the city centre of Siena through the escalator from Piazza Rosselli that leads you till the Antiportoof Camollia.
From Borgo Grondaie you will reach the new bus terminal in Viale Lombardi (in front of Chianti Bank) and from there, once you have done the underpass, inside you will find escalators which take you directly into the shopping center Porta Siena (which is located in front of the train station); continuing with the mechanized lifts you will exit at Antiporto of Camollia.


Once you have reached Porta Camollia, a medieval gate of Siena, with a short walk you can easily reach Campo Square.

From Borgo Grondaie you can reach the city centre in only 20 minutes through completely covered path which is and heated during the winter months and air-conditioned in summer.


It is important to say thanks to those who designed this work that will certainly appreciated by the Siena people, but also by tourists who decide to stay in Siena.

percorso mappa


Ilaria Simi

Published by Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie

The Market in Campo Square. On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of December 6 the traditional winter meeting of “The Market in Campo Square” come back in Siena. A real dive in the fourteenth century among history and culinary excellences and craftsmanship. This year the event is dedicated to “Siena, the capital city of Italian Culture“. As in the fourteenth century, the Campo Square will be the place of business and social life of the city.

The Market in Campo Square

Two days to relive the atmosphere of the historic “Great Market” which took place once a week in Siena during the fourteenth century: over 140 stands will showcase the best products of food, agriculture, crafts and manufacturing stuff to give life to a unique event aimed at reviving what happened in the Middle Ages.

The Market in Campo Square

The program also includes guided tours, children’s activities, a rich program of tastings and live entertainment.
The Podestà courtyard inside the Public Palace, in Campo Square, will host “Vinarte” where you can taste our best wines acquiring your own cup, and a book of taste. Here you can also watch the shows of the Siena Jazz Foundation.
Do not miss theatrical improvisations in medieval style of Aresteatro with Francesco Ravines.

Another interesting initiative is the “Market of Ideas“, a literary salon with some books presentations and their authors from five cities that have shared with Siena the title for Italian Capital of Culture 2015, Cagliari, Lecce, Perugia-Assisi and Ravenna.

Things to buy- Market in Campo Square

Among the events “format baby” we must remember the laboratory directed by Podere Forte of Castiglione d’Orcia whit the intention of get new flavors to little tasters, and always dedicated to babies and youngers, there will be the Francigena path on Saturday, December 5th departing at 15.00 from Piazza Salimbeni to know the history and stories of the pilgrims with Gino! You can book within Thursday, December 3th at 17:00 at Centro Guide Siena, number 0577 43273 or by e-mail to The route will make a stop in the Public Palace in Campo Square and will end with a snack inside Orto de ‘Pecci. Moreover you can find lots of thematic workshops and cooking food shows in collaboration with the High School Artusi of Chianciano Terme that will bring its students directly in the Campo Square.

The invitation also comes from a lot of restaurants of the city of Siena will offer special menus with typical Tuscan flavors in order to appreciate so much more Siena.
The restaurants that will be present are: Antica Trattoria Botteganova, Fori Porta, Grotta del Gallo Nero, Grotta di Santa Caterina “Bagoga” The Bandierino, The Brewery, Millevini, Osteria Babazuf, Restaurant Window, Te Ke you.
The Market in the Campo Square is part of the program of events “All the Christmas of Siena“, promoted by the Municipality of Siena with the support of Monte Paschi Bank.

A unique event that we recommend to all our guests in Borgo Grondaie and those who will arrive in the next days.


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Published by Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie

Let’s go hunt mushrooms. Mushrooms are among the ingrediets of tasty recipes and we find them in many dishes from around the world.
In addition to being delicious, mushrooms are able to make us feel better, not only for their nutrients but also because hunt mushrooms is a very nice way to spend a relaxing daywalking in the woods and mountains which Tuscany and in particulary the area around Siena, is rich.

risotto funghi

Risotto with porcini mushrooms

Pizza with mushrooms

Depending on the period of growth, we can say that we can find mushrooms almost everywhere. Despite their adaptability, their ideal habitat remains the woods. Their growth is also linked to seasonal cycles; as a general rule it can be said that in order to hunt mushrooms it is necessary that there are certain atmospheric conditions and temperature, generally between 15 and 25 degrees and that these are accompanied by a certain degree of humidity of the soil. It is known that for their development, the mushrooms require a hot, humid climate, provided that it has between mid-August and mid-October.
The stormy days, as well as wind and drought determine the contrary unfavorable conditions for their growth. Not necessarily the plant, or the “spawn”, dies; it can simply stop its activity and it went into “hibernation”.

funghi 1


For all those who want to experiment with this new hobby and look for mushrooms, remember that their recognition is an art that you learn with a bit of study and a lot of experience!
In general you have to keep in mind that the best time to devote to research runs from early August to late September. Moreover, according to people with some experience, the hours of the day most suitable “to hunt mushrooms“, are those of the afternoon with two advantages, the best lighting conditions and terrain. In fact, in the afternoon is the grass that the undergrowth have lost the dew, the soil is drier and the same fungi are in better condition to be collected.

With regard to the method, remember that you’ll need a stick of wood that will be used to move the leaves, a wicker basket or other material that allows air to circulate inside, however, and the spores fall in order to ensure the rebirth in the future, and a knife. When you found a mushroom is important not to touch it with your hands if you do not know the species. In case you’re sure that this is a non-poisonous mushroom, helping you pick it up with a knife, clean thoroughly the stem so that the earth, the mycelium can fall on the ground. It is important to gather mushrooms that we are sure of their edibility.

The best-known mushrooms are definitely the following: porcini, champignons and the most poisonous, amanita falloide.

funghi si


amanita falloide

Amanita Falloide

funghi 2

Amanita Falloide

Mushrooms are then linked to legends and curiosity. It is said for example that the greek hero Perseus, after a long journey, managed to find comfort thanks to water which was contained in the cap of a mushroom. To show his gratitude, then he founded a colony called Mycenae, whose name derives from the greek word for mushrooms. In the Middle Ages it was believed instead that mushrooms grow in circles after a Sabbath, a meeting between witches and wizards, or after a dance of gnomes and elves.
Mushrooms are moreover valuable allies of man: in agriculture, for example, are  they are useful in order to recultivate the land precisely because they absorb pesticides and pollutants. So pay attention where you collect them!


Mushrooms variety

A very particular and less known mushroom is the Reishi or Lingzhi, used for teas and liqueurs. It is considered by the Chinese medicine “the mushroom of immortality”.
Then we have a curiosity that we hope will make you smile! It may sound incredible, but it seems that Viagra accelerates mushrooms’ growth. The reaction was discovered in Switzerland and has been published in the prestigious journal Annals of Improbable Research.
At this point we wish you to have fun! Let’s go hunt mushrooms and and good luck from Borgo Grondaie!

Ilaria Simi

Published by Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie

Dit’Unto in Villa a Sesta.  Next Sunday, 11th of October, don’t miss the event “Dit’Unto” in Villa a Sesta near Castelnuovo Berardenga and not far from Siena! It’s a festival where you must eat…but with hands! The expression “Dit’Unto” is abbreviation for Dita Unte in italian that means dirty fingers with oil, sauces or somenthing else which is soil.

Dit’Unto- Villa a Sesta

This is a festival dedicated to street food, very popular in this period. There will be 43 stands that will present typical tuscan dishes and products. The festival will take place in Villa a Sesta from 11 a.m till 22.00 p.m You can taste good food and admire the real poor tuscan cuisine and every kind of tuscan street food like lampredotto and all the typical Siena desserts.

Villa a Sesta


Among the most important guests we must remember Valeria Piccini from Caino Restaurant in Montemerano, Enzo Parri, chef and owner of Enzo restaurant in Siena, Gaetano Trovato, chef of Arnolfo restaurant in Colle Val d’Elsa and Mauro Uliassi, chef of the Uliassi restaurant in Senigallia. Everything will be organized, as usual, by Circolo di Villa a Sesta.

Are you ready to mess your fingers up? :)

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A FANTASTIC ITALIAN SEASON OF SPORT AND WINE. In the most recent period Italy has shown to be a country of excellences. One need only think of the beautiful victory of Flavia Pennetta at US Open in NY city in an all Italian final. Her challenger has been in fact her friend and colleague Roberta Vinci. Two Italian tennis queens. They have shown to the world to be two real lionesses mobilizing the whole Italian community of the Big Apple.

Flavia Pennetta and Roberta Vinci

Others lionesses have been also the rhythmic gymnastics girls. They have won two medals, one gold and one silver at World Championships in Stuttgart.

rhythmic gymnastics girls

Another Italian excellence that this year will give us lots of statisfaction is obviously wine!

Red grape

September is the harvest month! It seems that this one will be a very good year! According to estimates, 40% of the whole 2015 harvest will be for DOC wines. The climatic conditions of the last summer have accelerate the ripeness process, anticipating the grape harvest.

The harvest in Italy has started with Pinot and Chardonnay grapes followed by Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Nebbiolo red grapes and will end in November with Aglianico and Nerello grapes. Everything will depend on the weather of the next weeks. All the wine professionals ensure that this wine will be surely an excellent product!

2015 Wine Production

As regards Tuscany, Marco Alessandro Bani, Consorzio Vino Chianti Director, says: “ After a very good spring with good climatic conditions that have facilitated a good ripeness, there have been a very hot summer with high temperature up to 38 degrees and heavy rainfalls. The grapes ripeness is going well and grape seems very good and healthy”.

Tuscany and in particular, the area around Siena, is known all over the world thanks to Brunello of Montalcino, Chianti, Vernaccia of San Gimignano and Nobile of Montepulciano wines.

Tuscan Wines

Why don’t take advantage of this period in order to visit Siena, our landscapes, countryside and vineyards?

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Published by Hotel Borgo Grondaie

Arthurian splendours at San Galgano. The British legend of King Arthur and his famous Sword in the Stone are known all over the world. But few people know that you can find the same grandeur of Matter in the British in the province of Siena, to be more precise in Chiusdino. Right here, surrounded by Valley of Merse river, there are the ancient Cistercian Abbey of San Galgano and the chapel, which houses the famous sword that Saint Galgan dug into the rock as a sign of abandonment of worldly life to devote himself to prayer and meditation.
The story of San Galgano is shrouded in mystery and it has been the subject of several rewrites. The most accepted story is that of a young man named Galgano Guidotti, born into an aristocratic family of Chiusdino. After a dissolute youth dedicated to luxury, Galgano converted himself after seeing the Archangel Michael in a dream that predicted his conversion. The hermit built a hermitage in Monte Siepi where he lived until his death at the age of thirty-three years. The chapel, which houses the tomb of San Galgano, is also called La Rotonda ( the Rotunda) because of its circular shape and the presence of a hemispherical dome in alternating bands of color. Inside visitors remain fascinated by the alternation of concentric circles of bricks and travertine and the precious frescos of Ambrogio Lorenzetti.



Chapel of Saint Galgano in Monte Siepi

Chapel of Saint Galgano in Monte Siepi



Here it is kept the famous sword embedded in a rock which forms a cross with the stump outside. Several historical reconstructions have found that the sword is from twelfth century. It was also found that the rock was not hollow inside to allow the easy insertion of the sword, but the blade seems to have perfectly past the stone.



Stone in the Stone of San Galgano

Sword in the Stone of San Galgano



Near the chapel there is the Cistercian Abbey of San Galgano, of Romanesque style with Latin cross. It was built around 1218 and after a period of splendor, was abandoned by the few monks who lived there because of the plague of the sixteenth century. He was later robbed and fell into disrepair. Today it is lacking of the floor and the roof, and it is located in a charming and mysterious area.


San Galgano Abbey

San Galgano Abbey

San Galgano Abbey

San Galgano Abbey




However the Abbey of San Galgano is a tourist and cultural destination as well as a place of leisure. Every year is held in the month of July, the Festival of San Galgano, a series of classical and light music. This year Festival 2015 will be held from July 3rd to 26th, and will provide for light music (New Trolls and Black Tunes Martina Salsedo with Ricky Portera. The two evenings will be preceded by performances of some bands, ethnic music (Celtic Night with music and dances), Opera (The Barber of Seville and Rigoletto and the Gran Gala ‘of opera), classical music (with the two concerts of the plan and the performance of Soai Youth Orchestra, Osaka) and, finally operetta (The Widow Allegra).


Locandina Festival  di San Galgano 2015



Val d’Orcia, a Heritage to discover. Inscribed on the world heritage list of UNESCO in 2004, Val d’Orcia is a valley located between Siena and Grosseto. The charm of this hill comes from the presence of a dense vegetation of vineyards, olive groves, cypress, beech and chestnut trees interspersed with ancient medieval villages, castles and isolated monasteries. Its breathtaking sight inspired the artistic genius of Ambrogio Lorenzetti in his cycle of frescoes and paintings of the School of Siena. Perfect destination for the lovers of outdoor walks and bike tours or for those who simply want to relax and enjoy the scenery.


Val d'Orcia - Borgo Grondaie

Val d’Orcia – Borgo Grondaie


Val d'Orcia - Borgo Grondaie

Val d’Orcia – Borgo Grondaie


The beautiful villages that are part of the big park of Val d’Orcia are Castiglione d’Orcia, Montalcino, Pienza, San Quirico d’Orcia and Radicofani.

Castiglione D’Orcia is a medieval village located in the center of Val d’Orcia, in a hilly area that stretches from the river Orcia to the slopes of Monte Amiata. Especially known for the tower of the fortress of Tentennano, monument that stands on a hill not far from Castiglione, there are noteworthy monuments in the city such as the Romanesque churches of Santa Maria Maddalena and that of Saints Stephen and Degna, with its sixteenth-century facade , which are home to remarkable works by Simone Martini and Pietro Lorenzetti. It is renowned in the area the presence of hot springs of San Filippo, Bagno Vignoni and Vivo d’Orcia. Among the events we signal the Maggiolata of Castiglione d’Orcia, from 14 to 24 May 2015. Maggiolate are traditional Tuscan feasts linked to the rural world during which groups of singers, called Maggiaioli , celebrate the arrival of summer playing madrigals through the streets of the village that are decorated for the occasion with floral trimmings. As a propitiatory ritual, maggiaioli play verses celebrating the arrival of spring with the hope of prosperity for the farmers: Dawn is breaking and dresses the sun, put on it gold shoes, on the mouth there is a beautiful flower, dawn is breaking and dresses the sun.


Castiglione d'Orcia - Borgo Grondaie

Castiglione d’Orcia – Borgo Grondaie


Montalcino is a picturesque village surrounded by walls, famous for the production of Brunello wine and honey. The attractions of Montalcino are the characteristic long, narrow tower of the Priori Palace, home of the town hall, the Episcopal Palace and the churches of Saint Agostino, Saint Egidio, Saint Francesco and the Fortress where takes place in July the famous event Jazz&Wine that combines jazz clubs with tastings of wine outdoors.




Brunello of Montalcino - Borgo Grondaie

Brunello of Montalcino – Borgo Grondaie


Pienza is the largest town in Val d’Orcia, heritage site of UNESCO since 1996. In the city, tourists can take in the sights Pio II Square, whose urban structure refers to the views of the Renaissance, the papal residence at Piccolomini Palace and the Civic Palace. Spring Festival of Pienza is a fascinating event that takes place every year in May. It is a hymn celebrating the arrival of summer with the decoration of the cloisters of palaces and squares with swags and floral arrangements as laurel, ribbons and fruit with many markets of flowers and plants. Typical product of the area is Pecorino of Pienza.


Pienza - Borgo Grondaie

Pienza – Borgo Grondaie


San Quirico d’Orcia is a medieval village surrounded by walls whose most famous monuments are the Collegiate Church of Saints Quirico and Giuditta with the Romanesque-Gothic portals, the Praetorian Palace, Chigi Palace, and Santa Maria of Vitaleta. One of the most important events is certainly the Orcia Wine Festival that takes place the last week of April with wine and local products tasting.


San Quirico d'Orcia - Borgo Grondaie

San Quirico d’Orcia – Borgo Grondaie


Radicofani is a small village located on Mount Amiata and for centuries one of the most important strongholds of Italy. The most important monument is the Romanesque church of San Pietro, characterized by Gothic arches that has a large collection of pottery of Della Robbia and wooden statues. Other points of interest are the Church of St. Agatha and the Praetorian Palace with magnificent stone coats of arms. One of the oldest traditions of Tuscany taking place in Radicofani is the Holy Week with brotherhoods of the city celebrating holy processions along the town’s streets, with hooded people carrying the cross.


Radicofani - Borgo Grondaie

Radicofani – Borgo Grondaie


If you want to immerse yourself into the medieval world and get in touch with the authentic Tuscan tradition, do not miss the chance to visit the Val d’Orcia which impresses with stunning scenery and cultural events !

Giorgia Brancato

Hats off to Siena guides association always very attentive to enhancing and promoting  Siena territory.


From November they will start a series of activities to which Borgo Grondaie would love to give prominence, with the hope that citizens and visitors appreciate the wonderful initiatives.


The first event  I want to point out, perhaps because as a mother I feel the need for activities to carry out with my son, it‘s remarkable.  It is to make known the floor of the Cathedral of Siena to children through the story depicted in the beautiful marble and the discovery of the characters shown.


The event is scheduled for Saturday, November 9th at 15:00  meeting point the ticket office of the Cathedral of Siena. The cost is 6 Euro per child and one adult per child has free entrance.


For more information please contact the authorized guides of Siena through their website

Siena is a land of wine and this value is recognized all over the world. Chianti and Brunello’s wineries open their doors to public for tours and tastings on May 26th.
If your intention is to taste many wines remember that there is the possibility of transfers from Siena downtown and for a small rate it will allow you to taste the nectar of Bacchus without worrying about driving.

Enjoy your visit!WINE SHUTTLE 2013 - 26 maggio



For two days, Sarteano, a nice village near Siena (about an hour by car), will be transformed into a wonderful show of colors, art and fragrances. All this thanks to “Artinfiore”, the first festival of flowers and creativity.

Located in the historical center of Sarteano you’ll admire different art installations inspired by the “greenery” theme. It will be also possible to visit the trade show dedicated to flowers , uncommon plants and crafts related to gardening.
The event will also provide children’s workshops and classes for all ages to learn something new about the world of flowers.
You can find more information on :
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