Siena is a land of wine and this value is recognized all over the world. Chianti and Brunello’s wineries open their doors to public for tours and tastings on May 26th.
If your intention is to taste many wines remember that there is the possibility of transfers from Siena downtown and for a small rate it will allow you to taste the nectar of Bacchus without worrying about driving.

Enjoy your visit!WINE SHUTTLE 2013 - 26 maggio



One thing that we always say to our clients is to follow their instinct because they are their best guide for their holidays in Siena. At Borgo Grondaie we love to give suggestions but to those who seem most curious and not at all frightened by the Italian roads and by our reckless way of driving, we suggest to become discoverers. This is because the beauty of a trip is the surprise,  not all can be planned and  written by others. You need to create your personal holiday in order to make it more emotional.
It may happen that suggestions comes from guests after their experience and discoveries as David, an Australian guest & friend, who suggested a tour in the Brunello area for a visit to Máté winery.
So my partner, my son and I enjoyed a day out in the wonderful Montalcino land. Paul, who knows wines from a professional point of view,  would have been  judge for what we were going to taste. I confess that I love wines and I love to drink wines but my palate is not so improved to the  harmonious mechanisms of wine.
At the arrival at Máté  we met Candice, owner and painter who bought the property twenty years ago together with her husband-writer, transforming their shelter-inspiration in beautiful winery.
I have written the word harmony in the title because this was the first impression entering the property. Their beautiful home surrounded by greenery and well-groomed gardens harmoniously blend into Tuscan ambiance, shows owners’ respect to the place that has hosted them. Candice seems born here as she is at ease with the property. She showed us their little cellar, we spent time talking about  their vineyards and how the various types of soil presented inside their borders have influenced the choice of the various varieties apart from San Sangiovese grosso used for the production of Brunello.

Candice organized the tasting in her kitchen. The table ready with bottles, the fireplace, brick walls and the marble kitchen sink made the atmosphere surreal! Candice had prepared five of their wines. I was immediately struck by the beauty of the artistic labels while wine perfumes filled our glasses.

All wines tasted were of the highest level. They were harmonious, extremely pleasant with complex aromas, very attractive, surely loved by connoisseurs as by  simple wine lovers.
Do you want to discover more?  … Máté waits for you!

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Today we are going to speak about  wonderful Majesty  painted by Duccio Buoninsegna.  This great artist was able to melt the precious Byzantine style with the French Gothic.

The Majesty of Duccio was commissioned in 1308 to be placed above the High Altar of the Cathedral of Siena. On June 9th 1311, all the enthusiastic citizens carried the Majesty in procession from Duccio’s laboratory to the Cathedral.

The first thing that draw the attention is its complexity.
The great altarpiece was painted on both sides. On the front, which faced the nave, there was the representation of Our Lady seated on the Throne with Child, surrounded by angels and saints. The first four kneeling saints are the patrons of Siena: Ansano, Savino, Crescenzio and Vittore. On the other side, on the back, Duccio painted 26 panels which represented the Passion and Resurrection of Christ (among these the biggest panel is dedicated to the Crucifixion).
The altar piece was originally decorated with a wooden strip (with stories of Jesus’ childhood and life) and a gothic crowning (gable) describing life scenes of Virgin Mary and Christ. In 1505, the Majesty was moved to the altar of S. Sebastian and in 1771 the masterpiece was cut to separate the front side from the back and remove other panels. During this operation  the Gothic frame was destroyed. In 1878 the Majesty, so sectioned, left the Cathedral and was definitively transferred to the Opera del Duomo Museum in Siena, where it still lies today. Unfortunately, during this transfer, some panels were lost and others “traveled” towards foreign museums and collections.
With the Majesty Duccio completed his painting experience on the thirteen century and he became a source of inspiration and a teacher for the following century.

Source:” Tutta Siena Contrada per Contrada” by  Pietro Torriti

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Sansedoni Palace in Siena is located in Piazza del Campo and it is the most noble palace after the Town Hall. Easily recognizable by its majestic façade made of red bricks, the building has a tower with a rhomboid plan. The tower, built in conjunction with the first part of the palace in the middle of 1200, was 62 meters high, but later it was demolished and today it remains only a part.

The architectural story of the building is very complex, it provides, in fact, over time, for the unification of different distinct dwellings. As previously mentioned, the first news about the building is around the middle of 1200, then a document of 1340 attests to its expansion, finally a total revision between 1600 and 1700 leads to the final renovation thanks to which it’s possible to admire the unique façade that follow the curve of the square and reproduces the style of the Palazzo Pubblico with the new Gothic current typical of the Baroque period.

The building owes its name to one of the most prestigious Sienese families which orders its construction during Middle Ages. The first news about Sansedoni family dates back to 1174 when Sansedonio di Martino is elected consul of Siena. The family soon becomes one of the most famous of the city with members elected to major public offices.
One of the
leading figure is Ambrogio Sansedoni (1220-1286), a Dominican friar who was ambassador to the Pope Gregory X and he managed to revoke the excommunication of the city. Another person worth mentioning is Rutilio Sansedoni built a chapel in honor of Ambrogio Sansedoni, a real baroque jewel where still nowdays the Mass for the anniversary of his death is celebrated.

The interior of the building has beautiful decorations, precious polychrome marbles, inlaid stones and bronzes, the typical splendour of the Medici court to which the Sansedoni’s were devoted . The frescoes with mythological allegorical subjects were painted by members of the Florentine school as Anton Domenico Gabbiani (1697), Francesco and Giuseppe Melani (1726), Giovanni Domenico Ferretti Pietro Anderlini (1745).

Sources: Siena On line / Archivio di Stato Firenze / Siena aperto per restauro.

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An exhibition dedicated to the most celebrated and beloved star of Holliwood: Marilyn Monroe who was not only an actress but an unforgettable icon of style. The exhibition wants to suggest it again thanks to shoes and costumes of her most well-known movies, to photos and works of art which portray her.

The exhibition will take place in Florence, very close to Siena, till January 28th, 2013 at the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum and it was this important fashion designer, Ferragamo, who created for her, through the diva’s most famous period, the 14 pairs of shoes displayed at the exhibition.

Openings times: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (closed on Tuesday)

Tickets: € 6,00

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Come and experience the unsetting atmosphere in a real castle to attend a dinner on the main floor of the Castle of Meleto only by candlelight and to follow … a SURPRISE for all ages visitors.

For more information

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On Saturday, October 27th, the ninth day of the national urban trekking will be held in Siena, a guided tour to learn about and discover this beautiful town.
This year the theme is ” common stories of uncommon people” a path dedicated to uncommon characters but often not enough known that have gone through the history of Siena at different times, the protagonists of stories of faith, passion and talent.

Walking time: 2 hours and a half
Length: about 3 km
Starting point: Piazza del Campo (Siena)
Departure time of the guided tours: at 5.00 p.m. –  5.15 p.m.  –  5.30 p.m. – 5.45 p.m.-  6.00p. m. – 6.15 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.

For further information:  Tourist and Economic Development Office  tel +39 0577 292128/78    Or visit

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Volterra, a few kilometers from Siena, will host “Volterragusto”, an event that celebrates food and wine, especially local white truffles and other local products such as wine, cheese, olive oil, and chocolate.

Ancient courts and historic buildings will be open to visitors for the occasion and will be the natural setting for the numerous initiatives and tasting events.
The appointment will be on  October : Saturday 20th ; Sunday  21st ; Saturday 27th ; Sunday  28th ; Wednesday 31st  and on November Thursday, 1st.
Among the many initiatives to report definitely “The Cheese race” (Sunday, October 21st  at 3 p.m.), a race in which the districts of Volterra will compete by rolling along the city route their cheeses.
Tastings, meetings, historical parades and many other occasions not to be missed!
For the detailed program please visit

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On October 6th and 7th  in Poggibonsi, a few kilometers from Siena, the feast of the “Pigio” will be held, a competition that shows the ancient technique of grape pressing .


The competition involves the seven districts of the city territory that vie for the”Boccione” (a demijohn, decorated by a local artist, that is for the District that produces more juice).

The other prize to compete for, is that of the “Zipolo” (a work of art derived from the demijohn cap), it is delivered to the District that organizes the best parade in the streets of Old Town.
A nice  and lively  celebration to relive colors and scents of the past.

For more information contact Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
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On Saturday, September 22nd, in Gaiole in Chianti, a few kilometers from Siena, in the splendid setting of the castle of Brolio, there will be a display of vintage cars registered between 1919 and 1969  participants in the Gran Premio Nuvolari ( Nuvolari Grand Prix).
The exhibition will be held in the parking located in front of the wine cellars of Barone Ricasoli from 12 am to 15 pm.
Because of the event, the following facilities will observe the following schedule:
– Castle of Brolio: open from 3:30 pm to 7 pm (ticket office closes at 6 pm)
– Wine Bar: open from 10 am to 12 am and from 3:30 pm to 7 pm
– Osteria del Castello: closed for lunch and dinner


For more information contact Barone Ricasoli: +39 0577 730 266
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