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It took months of work but on  April the 6th the Cathedral of Siena opens its attics that were never opened to the public.
With an experienced guide you walk  spiral staircases almost hidden from visitors’ view and  in small groups you are taken over the vaulted stars of the right aisle. From there it begins a journey where view range from inside to outside the cathedral. You can visit Ulisse De Matteis windows with the representation of the Apostles and the gallery where you can admire the view on the main altar. From the left aisle  visitors can admire a breathtaking view of the Basilica of San Domenico, the Medici Fortress and the entire cupola of St. John the Baptist.
Much more is to discover if you decide to  participate in an event of historical and emotional impact like no other, organized by Opera – Civita Group
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Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie suggests an opportunity not to be missed!
In Florence, few miles from Siena, more precisely in Riccardi Palace, the exhibition “The Dali Universe” was recently inaugurated, thanks to which you can admire more than 100 works by the  most famous surrealist artist Salvador Dali.
The exhibition, dedicated to the Spanish master and open to the public until May 25th, is mainly focused on the theme of time and femininity, but thanks to this show some new artist’s features come to light as the man fond of literature who reinterprets contemporary   works in a surrealist way but also great classical masterpieces as the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri or Boccaccio’s Decameron.
Another  part of the exhibition is dedicated to the exploration of  the three-dimensional work that materializes in bronze sculptures, objects in glass and surrealist furniture.
Openings hours: all day from 9am to 7pm
Source: 1) Firenze Turismo  – 2) Vogue
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An exhibition dedicated to the most celebrated and beloved star of Holliwood: Marilyn Monroe who was not only an actress but an unforgettable icon of style. The exhibition wants to suggest it again thanks to shoes and costumes of her most well-known movies, to photos and works of art which portray her.

The exhibition will take place in Florence, very close to Siena, till January 28th, 2013 at the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum and it was this important fashion designer, Ferragamo, who created for her, through the diva’s most famous period, the 14 pairs of shoes displayed at the exhibition.

Openings times: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (closed on Tuesday)

Tickets: € 6,00

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The exhibition will be held at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence,  just 1 hour’s drive from Siena and it will end on January 27th , 2013.
In the Thirties, during the Fascism, there was a battle of great artistic vitality that saw involved all the trends of the decade, from Classicism to Futurism, from Expressionism to Abstract art, monumental art, decorative painting and design.

The exhibition is represented through a hundred paintings, sculptures and other objects of design realized by important artists such as De Chirico and Guttuso.
Through a series of specially activities, visitors can also explore some of the key themes of the exhibition such as the mass communication and the industrial design
Opening times: every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. / Thursday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.
For information call: +39 055 2645155

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For golf lovers, here the list of places where you can practice during your holiday in Tuscany

Castelfalfi G. & C. Club – tel. 0571.698466 18 holes par73, mt. 5680 closed January. Closing day:tuesday

Cosmopolitan G. & C. Club – tel. 050.33633 18 holes par 72 mt.6045. Closing day: monday

Le Pavoniere G. & C. Club – tel. 0574.620855 18 holes par72, mt. 6137  Closing day:monday

Montecatini Golf Club – tel. 0572.62218 www.montecatinigolf 18 holes par72, mt. 5857  Closing day: tuesday

Golf Club Poggio dei Medici – tel. 055.84350 www.poggiodeimedici.com18 holes par73, mt. 6338

Golf Club Punta Ala – tel. 0564.922121 18 holes par72, mt. 6168 Closing day: tuesday from Nov. to March

Golf Club Toscana- tel. 0566.820471 18 holes par73, mt. 5680  Closing day: tuesday

Golf Club dell’Ugolino – tel. 055.2301009 18 holes par72, mt. 5676 Closing day: monday from October to March

Versilia Golf Club- tel. 0584881574 18 holes par71, mt. 6115 Closing day: tuesday from Dec. to March

Argentario Golf Club – tel. 335.5461928 18 holes

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Volterra, a few kilometers from Siena, will host “Volterragusto”, an event that celebrates food and wine, especially local white truffles and other local products such as wine, cheese, olive oil, and chocolate.

Ancient courts and historic buildings will be open to visitors for the occasion and will be the natural setting for the numerous initiatives and tasting events.
The appointment will be on  October : Saturday 20th ; Sunday  21st ; Saturday 27th ; Sunday  28th ; Wednesday 31st  and on November Thursday, 1st.
Among the many initiatives to report definitely “The Cheese race” (Sunday, October 21st  at 3 p.m.), a race in which the districts of Volterra will compete by rolling along the city route their cheeses.
Tastings, meetings, historical parades and many other occasions not to be missed!
For the detailed program please visit

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On October 6th and 7th  in Poggibonsi, a few kilometers from Siena, the feast of the “Pigio” will be held, a competition that shows the ancient technique of grape pressing .


The competition involves the seven districts of the city territory that vie for the”Boccione” (a demijohn, decorated by a local artist, that is for the District that produces more juice).

The other prize to compete for, is that of the “Zipolo” (a work of art derived from the demijohn cap), it is delivered to the District that organizes the best parade in the streets of Old Town.
A nice  and lively  celebration to relive colors and scents of the past.

For more information contact Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
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On Saturday, September 22nd, in Gaiole in Chianti, a few kilometers from Siena, in the splendid setting of the castle of Brolio, there will be a display of vintage cars registered between 1919 and 1969  participants in the Gran Premio Nuvolari ( Nuvolari Grand Prix).
The exhibition will be held in the parking located in front of the wine cellars of Barone Ricasoli from 12 am to 15 pm.
Because of the event, the following facilities will observe the following schedule:
– Castle of Brolio: open from 3:30 pm to 7 pm (ticket office closes at 6 pm)
– Wine Bar: open from 10 am to 12 am and from 3:30 pm to 7 pm
– Osteria del Castello: closed for lunch and dinner


For more information contact Barone Ricasoli: +39 0577 730 266
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The sixteenth edition of the Terra di Siena Film Festival will kick off on September 29th  and will end on October 4th . This film festival, dedicated to independent cinema from around the world, has introduced new reality film, brought to the public international premieres and meetings with the protagonists of the great cinema.

The exhibition will start on September 29th in the beautiful Abbey of San Galgano, a few kilometers from Siena, with the screening of a classic Walt Disney movie in the restored version: “THE SWORD IN THE STONE” and will continue the next day, always in Val di Merse, with a retrospective of films whose protagonists are the horses; on the occasion of this retrospective exhibition there will also be demonstrations on horseback and theme workshops. All this to introduce the premiere of the documentary film “BUCK” produced by Robert Redford, who will be the great testimonial of this festival after so many other important artists who have come and gone in previous editions (Andy Garcia, Susan Sarandon, Colin Firth, Bernardo Bertolucci and many others).

The Festival will move in the historical center of Siena with screenings of all the films in competition that will compete for the prestigious award, the Golden Sanese that will be delivered in the final evening, along with other prizes at the Academy Chigiana.
Among the events not to miss there will be a conference about  the age of the Telefoni Bianchi ( White Telephone) and a  tribute to a legend of cinema Anna Magnani.
For more information about the program visit:


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On July ,25th, the traditional Bear Tournament will take place in Pistoia, near Siena ( about 1 hour and a half by car).

You will enjoy historical parades, flags, drums,and finally the exciting tournament in Piazza del Duomo ( Duomo Square ).

The tournament is played among the horsemen who represent thr four districts of town ( Dragon, Gold Lion, White Deer and Griffon ).

The Knights, two by two, run galopping around the perimeter of the square to reach the target to hit ( a shape of a bear ).

Specifc scores are assigned, from time to time, and at the end of the tournament, the district with the best score will be the winner.

Moreover, the best Knight will have the title of ” Cavalier Speron d’oro di Pistoia e  Contado” ( Golden Spur of Pistoia).

For more information contact Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie

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