Siena Sport Weekend: the Schedule

One of the most beloved event in Siena especially for the most sporting ones, is SIENA SPORT WEEKED from 24th of February to 18th of March.
 Four weekends in which every sport will be practised, from races to swimming, from skating on ice to cycling, from baseball to athletics. The event will officially start on Sunday 25th of Feb with the “Terre di Siena Ultramarathon”, a marathon which connect 2 Unesco’ patrimony sites: San Gimignano and Siena. Three different paths that allow you to decide how many km to run. 50 km starting from San Gimignano, 32 km starting from Colle Val d’Elsa and 18 km starting from Monteriggioni. All the paths will end in the wonderful Piazza del Campo, here in Siena. Moreover, the marathon this year will fight against the violence on women, with a logo printed on every shirt. In addiction, the Siena Sport Weekend also thinks about the less fit, preparing on the 24th of February the slow walks, contisting on urban trekking through the city centre, for booking you can visit the website .

Siena Sport Weekend: the Schedule - Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
Running in Piazza del Campo

The second weekend of the event will be totally about cycling. On Saturday 5ft of March, there will be a race for professionals, divided into the one for women , which will start at 9:30am from Fortezza Medicea, and the one for men, which will start at 11:00am from Fontebranda to Piazza del Campo. On Sunday 6th, there will be, instead, the race for beginners, which will start at 9am from Fortezza Medicea, to Piazza del Campo.

The third weekend will start on the 8th of March with a conference “Performance: aspects of the human and sportive performance”, at 5pm in the Sala delle Lupe. On Friday the 9th there will be a workshop about inclusion/esclusion and collaboration in sports, from 8:15am to 1:30pm at the school “Renzo Corsi” on Viale Avignone. On the 10th of March the event “Let’s swim together” will take place, from 5:15pm at the public pool in Acquacalda.

On the 10th and 11th of March, at the Fortezza Medicea, there will be some free lessons of Nordic Walking, preparing you for the walk that will take place on the same day (11th), discovering Siena and the Contrada’s museums. For the Ice Scating, on the same day, there will be at 2;30pm at Mens Sana PalaChigi, on Viale Sclavo, “Skate with the Champions”. Always on the 11th, for the Mountain Bike lovers, there will be “Giresplorando” (walking and discovering), a 30km path discovering everything about the Montaperti Battle. It will start at 9am from Fortezza Medicea, and it will end at 12:30pm with a free happy hour, gifted by Gruppo Spritz Bike.

Siena Sport Weekend: the Schedule - Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
Running at the Dome

The fourth and last weekend has a very full schedule. Starting on the 16th of March with “Talent’s Gym”, an appointment the school camp of Siena, for the youngest. On the same day there will be a conference “Sport and free time in the contemporary italy: local and national identity compared” at Palazzo Piccolomini, on Via Banchi di Sotto 81, starting at 9:30am. The 17th will be  whole day about athletics and baseball, in the amazing location of Piazza del Campo. At 10am there will be set a track for athletics and at 2pm there will be a race of High Jump, the “High Jump Contest”. At 3pm the square will host the Street Baseball. The 18th will be an intense day; at 10am there will be “A Cavallo sulla pietra serena”,  a horse walk from the indoor stadium of Siena in Viale Sclavo, through the streets of the city centre. In the afternoon there will be the judo competition at PalaCorsoni CUS of Siena. It will start with a judo challenge for the youngest in team and at 1:30pm, after the competition, there will be “Judo with the Champions” , for everyone who wants to try this sport. Always on the 18th there will be the second edition of Duathlon, the only event that connects walking and cycling in the city centre of Siena. 5 km of running followed by 20 km by bike and then the last 2,5 km running again.

Siena Sport Weekend: the Schedule - Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
Athletics competition in Piazza del Campo

Lastly, Borgo Grondaie absolutely suggest you to take part on this events, that you can’t miss if you love sports.

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