Siena International Photography Award 2019

The Siena International Photography Awards called SIPA CONTEST is now on show in Siena from October 26th to December 1st. Don’t miss it!!

One of the  most renowned photo contest in the world with a selection amongs 48.000 images from 161 countries. 

Even if it is on it’s 5th edition, the SIPA Contest became a festival where professional expert and amateur photographers gathering to share their passion for this art.

Siena International Photography Award - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
2018 – WINNER IS Mr K M Asad (BD) and this is his amazing shoot – Siena International Photography Award

But who are the real protagonist of this event?
Photographers: professionals, amateurs and students coming from 161 countries.
They are the artists able to capture the moment, the unique and unrepeatable moment that will make just unique their photo.

The themes chosen for the competition were various and left ample space also for modern experiments with unusual subjects.

Again this year the selection is entrusted to a jury of professional photographers.  They have  the hard task to choose, select and eventually award the best photos of the contest. At this time the entries are already closed. From now to mid June there will be the selection of all the pics.

 Siena International Photography Award - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
Author: Sina Falker (DE) – Siena International Photography Award

If you want to know who is it going to be awarded for each chategory, you have to wait until October 26th when the final cerimony of the contest will tale place. 

On the last edition, many amateur photographers did not expect to be awarded. Passion and talent sometimes succeed and overcome years of preparation and experience. 

To keep alive the interest of the Contest every day, the Picture Editor of the Siena International Photo Awards presents the “Photo of the Day”. It is chosen among thousands of images from all over the world.
This is an interesting way to anticipate the expectations around the contest. It is a sort of “appetizer” waiting for the maincourse which is going to be the Immagine all the people sharing all the world photo exhibition.
It will take place in a modern building “Ex-Distilleria Lo Stellino” in Via Fiorentina in Siena from October 26th to December 1st.

Siena International Photography Award 2018 - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
Prize PANGEA – Siena International Photography Award

The PANGEA prize is the symbol of the SIPA contest. A purest crystal ball that represents Earth but also a drop of light that feeds photography. A symbol that wants to convey the passion and perfection of the sought-after light in every shot.

 Siena International Photography Award - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
Author: Alex Livesey (GB) – Siena International Photography Award

Photography is ART...Siena International Photography Award 2019 is a great opportunity to see amazing photos from all over the world.

Don’t miss the chance to visit the Planet vs Plastic exhibition, from 27th October in San Domenico; in this display the famous photographer Randy Olsen, a partner of the National Geographic, will show his works about the struggle of the planet against pollution.

Borgo Grondaie is located only 2 km away from Siena City centre and just 3 km away from Immagine all the people sharing all the world Photo Exhibition. Enjoy a relaxing weekend in Siena and visit the photo exhibition with a special discounted rate reserved to Borgo’s guests.

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SIPA CONTEST 2017 - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena

Edited by Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena

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