Ricciarelli Cookies: typical Sienese sweet almond and sugar to enjoy especially during the Christmas season, but you can find them all year round. Hotel Borgo Grondaie loves these biscuits!!!

Ricciarelli Cookies - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Ricciarelli Cookies – Christmas time

Their story

Ricciarelli Cookies - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Ricciarelli Cookies

These delicious cookies seem to have origins in the Middle Ages, related to the production of marzipan that people from Siena certainly knew by the Crusaders returned from the East, and even the name seems to derive from “arricciatelli” to remember the shape of the slippers of the sultans of Orient.

This excellence got, in 2010, by the European Community , the IGP certification according to which the production phase must take place in a limited geographical area, in this case the territory of Siena.
Hoping to please all food lovers or just curious, here are the recipe for Ricciarelli

Ricciarelli Cookies - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Ricciarelli Cookies

If you are curious to taste, and, you kitchen lovers, to prepare them with your hands, let’s follow the recipe below. We hope they are yours.

RICCIARELLI RECIPES (for 40 cookies)

Ricciarelli Cookies - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Ricciarelli Cookies


  • Almonds peeled 400 g
  • Sugar 380 g
  • velvet sugar 100 g
  • Flour 00 50 g
  • Album 2
  • Water 20 g
  • Holds 1 rectangle 21×30 cm
  • Extract of bitter almond 1 teaspoon
  • Powdered yeast for ½ teaspoon cakes
  • Powdered sugar to dust


To prepare the ricciarelli, start finely chopping almonds with 330 g of semolina sugar. Then transfer the mixture obtained in a bowl and mix with a wooden spatula.

In a small pan pour the 50 grams of leftover sugar and water, turn on the slow flame and mix to dissolve the sugar. You will have to turn off the pot when the sugar begins to veil the spoon. At this point you can add it to the dough. Then mix again with the wooden spatula.

Also add 50 g of icing sugar and the sifted flour, then pour the yeast. Mix all the ingredients with the spatula.

The resulting mixture will have to rest in the bowl at room temperature at least 12 hours, covered with a damp cloth. After 12 hours you can mount the blades with an electric whip.

When they become white, add at least 50 g of sifted stained sugar and a teaspoon of bitter almond extract. Then resume the dough you made to rest and break it with the wooden spatula.

Then pour the mounted blades, mix from bottom to top to mix them. When you are embedded, start kneading with your hands.

When the dough is homogeneous, transfer it to a sheaf of peeled sugar. Then work it until you get a smooth and homogeneous dough. Then make a string and get it with a knife or another piece of tool of about 25 g each.

With your fingers you can give the typical shape of the ricciarelli, then cut the host with the shape of the ricciarelli and put it under each crayfish. Place the ricciarelli on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Sprinkle with sifted sugar and bake in a preheated static oven for 10 minutes at 110 °. The ricciarelli must be cooked but still clear. Then bake them and let them cool on a grid before baking!

Ricciarelli Cookies - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Ricciarelli Cookies

Enjoy your cookies!!!


Ricciarelli Cookies - Hotel Borgo Grondaie

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