Pool open in October in Siena

Holiday in Tuscany and willing to find a Hotel with Pool?

If your are looking for a relaxing place with pool open in October, well Borgo Grondaie is perfect for you!

Fall is the best time to travel Tuscany, and especially towns like Siena and Chianti can offer you pleasant temperature, less tourists and great countryside colours.

The Borgo Grondaie swimming-pool, is located in a panoramic position overlooking Siena and it is surrounded by tree and bushes. You feel fully relaxed in nature enjoying the sunny days of Tuscan Falling Season.

It is a peaceful corner of our garden ideal for reading or relaxing after a long day touring in Chianti region or in Siena city centre

Pool open til October in Siena - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
Pool open til October in Siena – our salt water pool

Although it is not heated, it is well exposed to sunlight, and this allows us to keep it open until October.

In fact finding a swimming pool open in Fall time in Tuscany is not easy and that’s why we are indeed a rarity. The water could be chilly, but there are many brave guests who love to swim even early in the morning.

The relaxing area around the pool is always equipped with sunbeds from April to November, to allow our guests, to enjoy this peaceful corner of our garden.

Pool open til October in Siena - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
Pool at Sunset –

What is your favourite time to enjoy the pool?  Are you early birds or looking for a romantic sunset?

In my personal opinion the best time for enjoying it at any season is in the evening. In October the sunset is at 6 pm…so take a glass of good Chianti Wine, and simply waiting for the sunset over the rooftops of Siena.

You will be surprised by the sense of peace and the silence.
You will feel dipped in nature, watching at Siena from afar as if it would be on another island.

Siena is there right in front of you only 1.5 km away. It is far enough to not hear the traffic, cars noises and pollution.

What are you waiting for...Fall is approaching and Siena and its countryside are ready to show you their best clothes with falling colours.

Do not miss this amazing time to come to Tuscany and take advantage of the pool here at the Borgo Grondaie  opens until October!

Pool open in May in Siena - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena

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