Palio Siena where to buy tickets?

If you are interested in buying tickets for the Palio horse Race in Siena we highly suggest to read carefully this useful article.

In Siena you can’t buy Palio Tickets in a Shop! So for Palio Siena where to buy tickets?

Palio Siena where to buy tickets? - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena

Palio Siena where to buy tickets? Campo Square in Siena for Palio day it’s incredibly crowded

Tickets are managed by the “Palcaioli” ( the owners or the managers of the wooden seats called “Palchi” which are all around the square). Sometimes they are not dealing with tickets as they rather give the task to some Palio business men who are selling tickets on their behalf.

If you want to see the Palio you can choose among the wooden Seats called “Palchi” (all around the square), the windows of the Palaces on the Square and the balconies. The last are very few and, as they have a higher position and better view, like the windows,  they are more expensive. The balconies can accommodate up 2 rows of people (the first have chairs the second just stand). The windows are managed directly by the owners of the Palaces in the Campo Square or by the same Palio Business Men.

How can I buy tickets for the Palio in Siena?

Palio Siena where to buy tickets? - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
Palio Siena where to buy tickets?- how to choose your seats

If you have not local friends, the best things to do is to inquiry the hotel where you are going to stay.

Most of the hotels have contacts with people dealing with Palio tickets as the Palio Business Men. We can suggest you:
Jacopo –
and Stan –




Unfortunately it doesn’t mean that the request could be always satisfied! In Siena we are keen on saying that
” first come first served” and therefore closer will be the date of the Palio will be more difficult to get tickets.

There will always be a chance of Last Minute but if I were you I would not rely too much there, especially if you are a group.

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But How much are the tickets for the Palio?

Well, the Palchi (wooden seats) are on average range of Euro 350/450 depending on the location. You can also find some seats for a more convenient price but usually they are in the worst positions and where the sun shines until the evening, and in the summer is certainly not the best. On the other hand, windows are more expensive but you can share it with max 4 people (ideally three). The average cost is 2000/3000 Euro.

Palio Siena where to buy tickets? - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
Palio Siena where to buy tickets? – the race is just amazing and very exciting

But what can I do with Palio Tickets?

They allow you to enjoy the historical parade which will take place in the Campo square and last about 2 hours. It is absolytely worth to see it because all the contradas are taking part to it and  wearing medieval costumes. Moreover there are drummers and flag players for great performances. Then you will enjoy  the amazing Palio Horse race very exciting especially live. Remember that the Palio tickets are only for the Race and not for the Trials which take place the days before. For the latter have to buy them separately.

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We are awaiting for you to enjoy together the amazing Palio of Siena!

Palio Siena where to buy tickets? - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
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