Natural Hot Springs near Siena

Tuscany is renowed for lots of spa and natural hot springs spread all over the countryside. Most of them are organised with beautiful pools and spa areas where you can enjoy massages and beauty treatments.

If you like a more natural experience you can follow our suggestions:

Terme di Saturnia and Bagni San Filippo are nearest Natural Hot Springs to Siena. These types of hot springs are located near the original Hot water sources and use the same thermal waters of the private Spa centres, with the difference that they can be attend by everybody for free. The beautiful Hot water Waterfalls of Saturnia and Bagni San Filippo too, became very popular in the last years and that’s why they are very crowded especially in summer time.
During the  wintertime  it is easier to get in, because the cold decreases the flow of people but doesn’t stop it at all.  In fact many people are still attracted by the idea of taking a hot bath with low winter temperature. Definitively you have to love cold and be ready to face the impact hot and cold.

Considering the natural contest of the experience (no changing rooms, no showers, no indoor area for relaxing) we suggest you to go to the Natural Hot springs during the summer, best before the late morning to avoid too much people and maybe spend there a whole day. Take the chance to enjoy a pic-nic lunch too!

Are the Natural Hot Springs ideal for everybody?
Not at all. Water temperature is about 38° – 40 ° C. so you have to be very careful with children and with people suffering from low blood pressure

Natural Hot Springs near Siena - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
Natural Hot Springs near Siena – SATURNIA

In particular, The Terme di Saturnia are based in about 2 hours of distance from Siena and  it is possible reach them through the SP223 Road Siena-Grosseto-Scansano-Montemerano-Saturnia. Their amazing Waterfalls are quite big and waters also own healing properties for the body, determining an exfoliative peeling and a deep antiseptic action.


The Bagni San Filippo’s Terme is located south of Siena and you can reach it in about one hour and 30 minutes drive on the road SR2 Cassia.
The access to these free baths is obviously free to all of the area of Fosso Bianco, where you can find many tanks containing a water very hot, but especially to the waterfall called “Balena Bianca” where the hottest waters are flowing. An advice we can give you when you enter in the natural tanks full of boiling water is to collect from the bottom the thermal mud and rub that on you to make your skin more smooth. We also recommend you to take with you a packed lunch so in this way you do not have to move away from your place, but if you want you can also go in the city of Bagni San Filippo where you can find some restaurants, supermarket or even the bar of the same thermal building.

Natural Hot Springs near Siena - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
Waterfall of Bagni San Filippo

The magical of these Natural Hot Springs surrounded by ancient woods, will be the ideal place for a relaxing day in nature.


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