Music in Siena: An Incredible Summer


Travel into a fantastic world just listening some music. How can it be possible? Just bring the music in Siena and it’s done!

Siena is a wonderful city. The atmosphere we live in during the Palio is unbelievable: it looks we’re stuck in time and we’re brought suddenly back to Middle-Age. Senese Summer is not only Palio, art and contrada’s parties: music too has a central role.

The marvelous concerts of the San Galgano’s abbey are intended to enrich the wide card of events of Siena: they are set in the beautiful inside of the roofless abbey. They are generally called “San Galgano Festival” and take place on July, on the evening. A ticket costs from 20 to 40 euros depending on the concert. During the “72° Senese Music Week”, organized by the Accademia Musicale Chigiana, a music academy of Siena, many concerts and events will take place all along Siena, pricing from 8 to 25 euros.

Music in Siena: An Incredible Summer - Borgo Grondaie
The Suggestive Setting of “San Galgano Festival” – Music in Siena: An Incredible Summer

The “Chigiana International Festival & Academy” offers many event, from  8th Juy to 25th August. One of them is the “Music for Solaris”, set on 8th July in the Teatro dei Rinnovati at 21.15, or the “Omaggio al Kurtag” on 9th July at the Teatro dei Rozzi.  The “Sound and Action painting” and the “Sommet de Feu” events are set in both the Teatro dei Rozzi and the Rettorato’s courtyard in the centre of Siena and takes place 16th and 19th July at 21.15.

Many other events are available for your needs: go on to discover them or ask our staff!

Music in Siena: An Incredible Summer - Borgo Grondaie
The “Chigiana” Academy -Music in Siena: An Incredible Summer

But July is a month rich of events, such as the so called  “Blues diVino” in Vagliagli (totally free), in which various bands will show up their music excellence. A free entry is also guaranteed in the shows organized by Siena Jazz in Piazza del Campo: various musical performances, called “International Meetings” will allow users to meet and have contact with musicians of international caliber.

Music in Siena: An Incredible Summer - Borgo Grondaie
The “Blues diVino” Poster – Music in Siena: An Incredible Summer

For those willing to spend time in Siena for a longer period, the Siena Jazz Foundation organizes music classes with teachers famous worldwide. The “International Courses of Musical Improvement” are necessary for anyone who wants to improve his musical skills in the gorgeous Siena setting!

The Contrade also organize a music festival, combining the great Jazz to the peculiarities of the districts: it is the “Jam Session in Contrada”, an event in which music courses begin in July and end in August.

Music in Siena: An Incredible Summer - Borgo Grondaie
A Music Class with Siena Jazz – Music in Siena: An Incredible Summer

In August there are some event born in July, such as the “Chigiana Festival 2016”, and many others that pop up on the scene: it is the case of the Concert Band “City of the Palio”, side-musical show of the Palio of August, which takes place in Piazza del Campo at 22 of August 14, with free admission. In the beautiful setting of Asciano, a village nestled in the beautiful Crete Senesi, the music festival “Altraterra” takes place between 19th and 21th August. Here, groups of pre-selected bands will provide a great music, mingled with the good food to create an unforgettable atmosphere. The peculiarity of the music is that it is all part of the folk tradition, and even all the food has a local origin, which guarantees goodness. Even Abbadia Isola, a borough of the small town of Monteriggioni, participates in the Summer of Siena with a beautiful Jazz concert.

Music in Siena: An Incredible Summer - Borgo Grondaie
The “Altraterra Festival” in Asciano – Music in Siena: An Incredible Summer

In September, the Sienese seminars “Kind of Blue” organized by Siena Jazz Foundation will open new horizons to those who want to improve their improvisation techniques and socializing with the Jazz language, in a friendly and fun environment. Furthermore, in  the “Beer Fest” of the Contrada of the Snail there will be hours and hours of live music to brighten your day, as well as it will do the party of Volunteers of Piazza del Campo, where it is also set the “Concert for the Researchers’ Night”, with Max Gazzè and many other great Italian artists.

Siena is the perfect location for music lovers: if you are looking for a place rich in art, natural beauty, social life and live music, come visit us at Borgo Grondaie! The superb 2016 Sienese Summer is waiting for anybody but YOU!



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