Motorcycle ride in Chianti

Motorcycle ride in Chianti
Discovering the Chianti Wine Road on 2 wheels

The SR222 road that connects Siena to Florence is ideal road for a motorcycle ride in Chianti. It is known throughout the world as the Chiantigiana Road or Chianti Wine Road as it rides through the Chianti in a multitude of landscapes, ranging from forests to vineyards, villages and castles.

Motorcycle ride in Chianti - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Vineyards in Chianti – Motorcycle ride in Chianti

This wine region, probably the best known in the world, was commissioned by the Grand Duke Cosimo de ‘Medici III in 1716, when he declared that only this part of Tuscany was allowed to name its wine Chianti. This was the beginning of the fame of this beautiful corner of Tuscany.

The Chiantigiana road can be traveled in both ways: from Florence down towards Siena or vice versa, but also joined to other chianti roads like the SR408 or  SR484 to enjoy a Grand Tour of Chianti by Motorbike where the woods give way to vineyards with amazing landscapes.

Motorcycle ride in Chianti - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Motorcycle ride in Chianti – Chiantigiana Road SR222

The Itinerary of our Motorcycle ride in Chianti is designed for the 2 wheels lovers but also for those who love Chianti landscapes, food and a glass of chianti!

We are leaving  from Borgo Grondaie perhaps after having taken advantage of the previous day to visit Siena, one of  most beautiful towns in Tuscany.
The hotel is only 3 km away from the Chiantigiana Road just driving direction to Florence (green signs). Turning right at the 3rd roundabout you enter the Chiantigiana SR222. As soon as you drive up  to Quercegrossa,  you will be  immediately dipped into the amazing landscape of Chianti with green fields and vineyards.

Motorcycle ride in Chianti - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Motorcycle ride in Chianti – Fonterutoli Castle

Pass the small village of Quercegrossa, where the road rises quickly with large bends that open  to breathtaking views, then you will find the Castello di Fonterutoli. The Mazzei family owns the casle since 1435 and they are producing Chianti Classico from over 600 years. All Cellar tours are followed by a tasting, which takes place either at the wine shop of Fonterutoli or directly into the modern winery.  Wine tastings are available daily from 9 to 18 and reservation is not necessary.

Motorcycle ride in Chianti - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Motorcycle ride in Chianti – Wine tasting

We continue our journey in the direction of Castellina in Chianti a typical Tuscan Village characterized by narrow cobblestone streets and medieval buildings. In addition to being the heart of the Chianti wine production, Castellina boasts a historic heritage of all respect that dates back to the Bronze Age. The numberous wineris offer you a great choice for sampling the best of Chianti produced by local companies. Moreover we recommend a stop in an
Ice-cream Shop called Antica Delizia which is, according to the New York Times, not to be missed.
Lots of 
people from all over the world stops here, as proof of his fame, as it produces a wonderful Gelato!

Motorcycle ride in Chianti - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Motorcycle ride in Chianti – Castellina in Chianti

We ride our motorbike on the Chiantigiana road up to Greve in Chianti. The distance of 20 km is not much, but if you feel hungry,  it’s worth stopping in Panzano for lunch, which is exactly halfway.

The small village of Panzano has become famous thanks to a Tuscan butcher who has made his passion for Ciccia (as he called Meat ) his fortune. Dario Cecchini is a very funny butcher. Many tourists come specifically to watch him cutting the Fiorentina Beef steak (T-Bone) while talking about Dante and his Divine Commedy! He is running 4 restaurant all serving only meat menu.  What we would like to recommend you for lunch is the SOLOCICCINO with a 25 euro menu.

Motorcycle ride in Chianti - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Motorcycle ride in Chianti – The famous Butcher Dario Cecchini

Along the scenic road that leads from Panzano to Greve in Chianti we recommend a stop to enjoy the landscape and take some pics.. Greve in Chianti is hill top well preserved medieval village
. Once it was called the Chianti Gate because it is the first Town
of Chianti coming  from Florence down to Siena. For wine lovers it is definitely worth visiting the recent Wine Museum that offers over 100 types of wine for a round tasting.

Motorcycle ride in Chianti - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Motorcycle ride in Chianti – Montefioralle Castle

We are leaving the Chiantigiana road  to discover a medieval castle of  Montefioralle. This little village is among the eldest castle of Chianti and still retains its original appearance. Walking in the village, look  for the house of the Vespucci family, another great navigator whose origins are born in Chianti region.

Motorcycle ride in Chianti - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Motorcycle ride in Chianti – Hotel Borgo Grondaie

The day draws to the end as well as our ride on the Chiantigiana road and  landscapes of Chianti.
Whether you choose to continue the journey to Florence or to return to Siena riding back on the SR408 towards Pianella and then to Borgo Grondaie, our Chianti Tour on motorbike was definitively memorable!

We are hoping to welcome you here soon for a unforgettable Motorcycle Weekend in Siena!

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