Montalcino and its wines

Montalcino and its wines: a unique experience

Are you seeking a charming town where enjoying incredibly relaxing moments while having a delicious wine with your meal? Montalcino and it’s wines: a unique experience

The “Terre di Siena” are definitely your best choice: they have always been considered great symbols of a superior wine-making production, as well as (of) a superb gastronomy. The huge variety of places to visit also includes Montalcino, a small town located on a hill system around 40 km south to Siena and our residence, on the northern edge of the “Val D’Orcia”. The municipality has an ancient origin that dates back to the Etruscan age.

Which wines can we taste in Montalcino?

The famous “Brunello”, whose production began in the sixteenth century, has replaced the Moscadello, an harmonic and sweet-tasting white wine.

The “Brunello” is an excellent red wine, with a dry, harmonic and full-bodied taste. It has a strong and fruity smell, which recalls the lovely scents of geranium, cherry and spices. The only vine variety allowed for its production is the Sangiovese one, and the wine is produced in a 243,62 square-kilometer area circled by the valleys made by the Orcia, Asso and Ombrone rivers.

Montalcino and its wines - Borgo Grondaie
Montalcino and its wines – Borgo Grondaie

The Brunello denomination can be given only to those wine stocked in special french oak barrels, and afterwards bottled for a minimum period of 4 months. Its alcoholic strength must be minimum 12.5% and since 2011, the wine has received the prestigious appellation DOCG (Guaranteed and Supervised Origin ‘s denomination). The DOCG appellation shields the wine from frauds and safeguards its provenience.

Montalcino also offers another red wine of superior quality: the Rosso di Montalcino. This wine has a dry, warm and tannic taste and has a strong and particular smell. As well as the Brunello, the Rosso can be produced only with the “Sangiovese” vine variety, and is kept in oak barrels for at least two years.

Since 1983, this wine has been given the Supervised Origin Denomination (DOC), to guarantee its purity and entirety.

Where can we sample these extremely good foodstuffs of Tuscan tradition?

The enchanting wine cellars scattered all around Montalcino are your best choice. Since we have focused our attention on you, we can suggest some special places, where you can taste some superior quality wines and dive into the production procedures of one of the best wine-producing areas in Italy.

Altesino - Montalcino and its wines
Altesino – Montalcino and its wines

The first wine cellar we suggest visiting is the “Cantina Altesino”, whose wine cellars are set inside the solemn “Palazzo Altesi”. Its thick walls permit an optimal wine conservation. The wines are kept under constant surveillance in the cellars: for this reason, the booking of a guided tour is compulsory.

The tour also includes a visit to the modern production buildings, together with a wine tasting in the historic wine cellar.

Our staff will willingly help you with the booking procedure.

Castello di Banfi - Montalcino and its wines
Castello di Banfi – Montalcino and its wines

Borgo Grondaie also recommend a visit to the famous “Cantina Banfi”, located in Località Poggio Alle Mura, just a 20 minutes drive off Montalcino. The wine cellar (set inside the “Castello Banfi”) stores wines of priceless value in more than 7000 barriques and barrels, where wines produced from various vine varieties like Merlot, Chardonnay, Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon are stocked.

This wide multiplicity of choices permits to satisfy all your needs: the wine cellar offers guided tours on reservation from monday to friday, and with a few euros you can also sample all the wines of the cellar.

Banfi - Brunello and its wines
Banfi – Brunello and its wines

The Castello Banfi also offers an extraordinary gastronomic experience with “La Taverna” and “La sala dei grappoli” restaurants to all those willing to taste the superb tuscan cooking.

In Banfi compound you can also find yourself immersed in a wonderful visit to the castle hamlet, the “Museo della Bottiglia e del Vetro” or the “Balsameria”, where you will be able to taste the delicious Etruscan sauce.

Caparzo - Brunello and its wines
Caparzo – Brunello and its wines

Otherwise, the Borgo Grondaie suggests visiting the “Cantine di Caparzo” or the “Cantine di Corte Pavone”, placed in the municipality of Montalcino alongside the “Strada provinciale del Vino Brunello”, where you will sample a huge variety of precious and rare wines, such as the “Brunello di Montalcino Riserva”.

What about those who do not like wine?

Abbazia Sant'Antimo - Brunello and its wines
Abbazia Sant’Antimo – Brunello and its wines

Our attention has also been focused on you: therefore, we suggest paying a visit to the marvellous “Abbazia di Sant’Antimo”, a romanic centuries-old religious compound immersed in the heart of the “Val d’Orcia”, just 10 km off Montalcino.

If a jump back to the dark ages is what you are looking for, the Gregorian chants are what you need the most.

Montalcino and its wines: a unique experience. Borgo Grondaie will help you live unique and unforgettable moments.


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