It’s time for Contrada festivals!

It’s time for Contrada festivals!

Summer in Siena means Contrada festivals! It unleash the desire to stay outdoor, to eat out and enjoy the city as much as possible. And this is precisely the underlying spirit of Contrada festivals that are organized in various Contrada districts of Siena and that take place from May to September.

It's time for contrada Festivals - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
It’s time for contrada Festivals –

Every Contrada organizes dinners and food stands, based on local products and wines. You can decide to eat at the restaurant, pizzeria or BBQ. There is live music, a disco for teenagers and young people as well as games, as the “Barberi track” for children. All contradas do that in order to make these events attractive for tourists and as many people as possible.

It's time for contrada Festivals - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
It’s time for contrada Festivals – The Cuterpillar

Among the most important and well organized Contrada festivals we had better to remember the “Oliveta” festival which is organized by Chiocciola contrada (the Snail) in the beautiful gardens of San Marco (end of June), the “Bao Bello” festival in the Bruco contrada (the Caterpillar) that is on-going from 7 to 16th July  or the “Eat & Drink” festival in the Tower contrada from July 21st to 30th. The “Pania” festival for the Shell contrada, the” Leco in Valle “in Leocorno contrada in August and the “BBQ PARTY” in Istrice contrada from August are renowned too. Then follows the Forest festival at end of August, the “Under the stars” organized by Lupa contrada and finally there are the festival organized by Pantera and eagle contradas in september.

These events are usually hosted in the gardens of each contrada. Here you can find lots of tables set for dinners in order to welcome tourists or local people willing to have dinner and have a good time together. You can eat at the restaurant or at the pizzeria or at the so-called “Braciere”. The menus can range from Tuscan specialties, traditional cuisine to rich menus of fish or meat. And waiters are all contrada supporters!!! They work here every day and night for free in order to ease the success of the event.
Moreover, you can find lots of stands for young people where you can get drinks, beers or eat a burger or a sandwich. Just for teenagers and youngers, during the weekend all contradas organize open-air discos. In this way they become a real meeting place for the city night life! There are some bands that play live music and Djs who play disco music. If you want to eat at the restaurant, a reservation is compulsory unlike the pizzeria or the braciere. The food stands close at 23:00 while the open-air disco or live music can continue until 1.00.

Here are some of the major events linked to Contrada Festivals, planned for this summer:

Torre Contrada, organizes the famous “Eat & Drink” festival from 21th till 30th July. Here you will also find a restaurant, a pizzeria, some food and wine stands, live music and games through the streets of the district. You can have dinner wherever you wish the most: you can taste grilled meat in the gardens of the contrada, or drink a beer or eat a hot dog or a hamburger until late at night. For children there is a dedicated space with the race horses track called “Pista dei Barberi” and lots of funny games. For info and reservations, please contact Tower contrada at number (+39)0577-222555.

It's time for contrada Festivals - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
It’s time for contrada Festivals – the snail contrada

Nicchio Contrada, with the so called “Pania festival” will organize from August the food and wine fair with dance and musical entertainment. Here you can tast Chianina meat and local fish wich come from Orbetello lagoon. For info and reservations (+39)0577-222666 or

Istrice Contrada organizes the so-called “BBQ PARTY” in the Guido Chigi Saracini square, in Porta Camollia with dinners, live music and disco for 10 days non-stop!

Lupa Contrada will organizes the “Under the stars festival” in Fontenuova. This event will take place in a picturesque setting. Don’t miss it!

And you, have you already decided which Contrada Festival in Siena you will take part in? Don’t miss them!

Borgo Grondaie only 2 km far from Siena city centre is the ideal location for enjoying the atmosphere of the contrada festivals but away from the noises and crowd. Visit our website to get our best offer ever!

It's time for contrada Festivals - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena

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