How to taste a Chianti

To taste a Chianti is surely something to do when you visit Siena, which along with: Florence, Pisa, Pistoia and Prato mark out where this wine is produced, furthermore it’s one of the best italian wines.

How to taste a Chianti- Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
Grapes, How to taste a Chianti- photo credit Francesco Sgroi

Chianti is composed by different grapes, from the Sangiovese, in greater part, but it’s also made from Cannaiolo and Malvasia. These grapes produce an intense coloured wine, which assumes different varieties of red, depending on the aging.


To taste a Chianti at its best we should pay attention to 3 steps, which will guide you from the selection of the right bottle to the right glass:

1) Read the label: here are written all the information about the wine. Besides, the label on the back of the bottle contains other generic information. Moreover, on the neck of the bottle, you will find a Black rooster mark, which is on Chianti’s bottles coming from the original winery; in addition, if this symbol has a red outline, then it means that it’s a young wine, while a black border means that it’s an aged one.

How to taste a Chianti- Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
Bottles of Chianti, How to taste a Chianti- photo credit Andrea Castelli

2) Open the bottle: you should never shake the bottle because it could affect the taste of the wine. Moreover you should store the bottle in a lying down position, better if it’s in a cool and dry place away from heat sources. Once the bottle is opened, you can drink it immediatly if it’s a young wine, while if you are sampling an old one, it’s better to wait a couple of hours before tasting it, in order to let the wine oxygenate. An alternative to the long wait may be decanting, an art that consists in pouring the wine in the decanter, in other words a large jug, which thanks to its large base, speed up the oxygenation of the wine.

How to taste a Chianti- Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
Chianti glasses, How to taste a Chianti- photo credit Nadia Fondelli

3) Tasting: to taste wine, even the selection of the right glass is important, in our situation we should choose a balon glass.
Moreover, in order not to alter your olfactory perception, it could be better not to taste the wine in scented  places, for instance your kitchen. However, a clean mouth has a major role in the tasting process: better wait a couple of minutes if you smoked a sigarette or brushed your teeth.

MATCHING: a young Chianti goes better with grilled red meat, an aged one pairs better with aged cheese or venison.


Borgo Grondaie is only 2km far from the center of Siena. Our bar room is perfect to taste a glass of wine: a classic tuscan setting, that will make you enjoy this experience at its best. Moreover our staff will gladly show you the wines in our collection, and the best wineries near Siena.
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