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Happy Valentine’s Day to all lovers from Hotel Siena Hotel Grondaie!

We are approaching the anniversary dedicated to lovers, which takes its name from the Martyr Valentine of Terni.
This holiday was established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD to replace the pagan festival of fertility in honor of God Lupercus. Some of these pagan rites included the drawing of a man and a woman which would have passed those days together. Regarding the use of exchanging gifts and “Valentine” (love notes) we must go to late Medieval Age, more precisely to the period tied the circles of courtly love and its traditions. At that time we find news about the foundation of a high court in Paris called to judge disputes about love, betrayal, and violence against women.

Valentine was born from a noble family and after his conversion to Christianity he became bishop of Terni in 197 AD
When he was 27 he was arrested in Rome by Emperor Claudius II who spared his life.
The persecution of Christians do not stop and the Holy was arrested again by the Emperor Aurelian who ordered the beheading on 14th February 273.

There are so many legend about the Saint.
The first tells that before the Holy were executed he restored sight to the blind daughter of his jailer and left her a love note as message of farewell.
Another story is on how Valentine were able to reconcile two young lovers by giving them a rose and encouraging them to hold the flower together in their hands.
It is also said that Saint Valetine married a Christian girl with a Roman centurion. When the soldier discovered his beloved wife’s mortal, pray for never being separated. Valentin baptized the centurion and make Death fall on both of them.

The city of Terni still preserves the remains of Saint Valentine and every year betrotheds exchange love promise

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