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March 19th – Father’s Day.

2580 festa del papa2 March 19th   Fathers Day.

In Italy and in many other Catholic countries, Father’s Day is celebrated on March 19th, the day dedicated to St. Joseph, Jesus ‘father. Being a model of devoted husband and father, St. Joseph is also recognized as a protector of orphans,  poor and bachelors.
For Anglo-Saxon peoples this special day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June and has no religious facet. In some Monarchies Father’s Day coincides with reigning king’s birthday, while in other countries the date is associated with the celebration of men who had a significant role in the history (in Russia, for example, the festival coincides with the one dedicated to the defenders of the country).

Father’s Day has pagan traditions origin. March 19th is a date  very close to spring equinox when, in ancient Rome, people dedicated Baccanali to Bacchus. The other tradition was to burn previous  harvest residual as a rite of purification. In some regions this tradition is still widespread.

Each region of our country celebrates St. Joseph with a typical sweet as bignè, donuts  or “zeppole”…. Siena have the tasty “ frittelle di riso”(small sweet balls made of rice)…. but we’ll talk about the recipe next time!

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