Healthy Breakfast

The best way to start a new day, either working or studing,is having a

Healthy Breakfast.

In the daily routine Breakfast has become the most underrated meal and sometimes forgotten. A busy life, leads us to not have time to prepare a healthy breakfast, and then often resort to packaged foods or worse in a simple cup of coffee which does not provide us with enough nutrients and energy .

healthy breakfast - Borgo Grondaie
healthy breakfast – Breakfast room – Borgo Grondaie

The Breakfast, here at Borgo Grondaie, is a serious matter, because it is a moment of relax for both the mind and the body where our guests can enjoy all the taste and  aroma of Tuscan food.

We are very proud of it and  we love to select fresh products from local producers and farmers. Our guests seems to appreciate our idea of Healthy Breakfast in hotel as they often leave reviews and word of mouth.

healthy breakfast - Borgo Grondaie
healthy breakfast – our buffet – Borgo Grondaie

Our buffet offers a choice of products both for lovers of Italian breakfast, sweeter one (cappuccino, homemade cakes, brioches) and for lovers of European and North American mix breakfast (eggs, meats, cheese, fresh fruit).

A breakfast for all tastes but above all a healthy breakfast and attentive to quality. Often you can find  in hotels, breakfast buffets overflowing with so many products that can be appealing to the eye but to the taste as most of products are industrially packaged.




healthy breakfast - Borgo Grondaie
healthy breakfast – homemade cakes – Borgo Grondaie

In our buffet you always find fresh and household products (non-industrial) without preservatives and hydrogenated fats.

The cakes are made from a local bakery and  are all simple and tasty desserts,  ideal for children too.

The fresh fruit is from the season, so do not expect strawberries in December! Each season has its own more or less colored and beautiful fruit , but definitely healthy and rich in vitamins.

healthy breakfast - Borgo Grondaie
healthy breakfast – Percorino Cheese from Pienza – Borgo Grondaie

Special attention for cuts and cheeses that are produced by local farmers. We really believe in the local producers, mainly because our Guests  who come in Tuscany are willing to taste the best of our food products, and definitively the breakfast is the first step to impress them!

Cheeses are produced by farmers in the Val D’Orcia and have differently seasoned. During the season, we offer on the buffet also the Sheep Cottage cheese that has a more intense flavor and fragrant than cottage cheese made with cows’ milk. This cheese is especially well tolerated by those who are lactose allergy.



TheSalami charcuterie are produced by Antica Salumeria Venturini excellence of Siena that has handed down from generation to generation the art of traditional butchers using only Tuscan meats.

Also from the Val d’Orcia we selected our special Jams, only fruit and little sugar, ideal  on fresh bread either white or black, or on pancakes.

healthy breakfast - Borgo Grondaie
pancakes – Borgo Grondaie

The New Entry of 2016 are the Pancakes in hotel that have already stolen the hearth of all the guests here at  Borgo Grondaie!
The Pancakes Machine, beautiful and good fun to look at, churns out hot pancakes and leave to your imagination all the rest … .just great with jam and honey from our honeycomb, with Nutella or with maple syrup for the classic

For our gluten-intolerant guests we provide, on request,  we can offer a Gluten free breakfast in Hotel with cakes and bread for celiac, gluten-free products and special jams. All our gluten free products have dedicated equipment and utensils, for a  safely breakfast.

healthy breakfast - Borgo Grondaie
healthy breakfast – Chan’s special Cappuccino – Borgo Grondaie


Breakfast at Borgo Grondaie would not be the same without a … coffee or cappuccino made by our Chan!

Chan is well beloved from our guests now his Cappuccino has become very famous. No one can beat him … and no one tries

Chan is our king of Cappuccino!!


And You? What would you like for breakfast?

If you wish to have Healthy Breakfast at Borgo Grondaie, do not hesitate to contact us!
Find more information on our WEBSITE.

You will be welcome by our smily Staff and Chan, of course, with his Special Cappuccino!

Begin your day in Siena Hotel with us….enjoy a breakfast here at  Borgo Grondaie

healthy breakfast - Borgo Grondaie
borgo grondaie pool – Borgo Grondaie


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