Food and People: an ancient relation

Food and people:an ancient relation-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Food and people:an ancient relation-Vegetables and fruit

Having never had a good relation with food, I admire who loves to free the imagination cooking something, from the most known chefs to the common enthusiastics.

Food is considered the cultural heritage of a specific nation and in this regard Italy is certainly the most representative Country. In Italy there lots of specialties, from the cocktails to the desserts, that foreigners and visitors appreciate a lot.The Mediterranean diet is also considered the best in the world, because of its healthy ingredients.

An ancient relation-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
An ancient relation-Porducts used in the Mediterranean diet

Italian cuisine has various types of dishes, that differ from a region to another: the famous maxim that says “we are what we eat” means not only that dietary habits might be good or not, but also that the way in which we are connected with food depends on our culture of the territory of origin.

An ancient relation-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
An ancient relation-Fegato alla veneziana,a typical Venetian specialty


An ancient relation-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
An ancient relation-Pizza napoletana


An ancient relation-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
An ancient relation-Sicilian “cannoli”

Identity and food are two elements which go together and since the childhood we get to comparison with food, going through different steps during the life in which the relation with food changes also according to our tastes.

In history, Italian cuisine dates back to the fourth century B.C. and it was influenced by people from the Ancient Greece and the Ancient Rome, and also by Byzantine, Jewish, Arabs and Normans. The peculiar characteristic of Italian cuisine is the fact that, despite being so varied, Italian recipes using simple ingredients.

Certainly, two historical events gave a contribution to the Italian cuisine: the discovery of America and migrations. On one hand, both contributed to the entry of foreign products, for example potato, tomato, corn and coffee, which were added to the typical products of the Mediterranean area, such as olive oil, cereals, vegetables, milk and by-products, meat and fish;  but on the other hand, it had put in relief cultural differences which have brought people to prefer determined foods rather than others.

An ancient relation-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
An ancient relation-The discovery of America


An ancient relation-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
An ancient relation-Migrations

Every people have his specific behavior when it is approached to the food , and it originates from geographical, environmental, economic, historical and nutritional elements, which influence the culture itself. Despite the social changes, which caused the realization of fast foods, and the junk food consumption, the Italian culinary tradition and the Mediterranean diet maintained themselves during the time and they are considered the best in the world. Italian cuisine is famous also because people usually used very high quality products when they cook.

An ancient relation-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
An ancient relation-Junk food

“We are what we eat”  is not only a maxim, but it is the reality: every people have is peculiar culinary culture which is the heritage of traditions that differs from a nation to another.

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