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Eroica 2017

Eroica 2017 – Gaiole in Chianti 1th October

A challenge for Classic Cyclism Lovers

eroica 2017- Borgo Grondaie
eroica 2017 – Borgo Grondaie

 “We want to feel the beauty of the fatigue and the taste of the victory ”

Giancarlo Brocci – father of Eroica

How did the Eroica dream come true?

eroica 2017- Borgo Grondaie
Gino Bartali – Borgo Grondaie

Giancarlo Brocci is widely regarded as the father of the Eroica which has now became the most famous classical cycling race in the world.

It all began in 1992 when Giancarlo founded the Cycling Park Chianti, born thanks to his desire to promote the beauty of its territory, the Chianti region, especially  for cycling races.
To promote this initiative the following year he organized a Grand Fondo Biking Race and so for many years after,  until he met Gino Bartali (great champion with Fausto Coppi between 1940 and1954) who, with his stories, made him rediscover the passion for real cyclism made of fair competition and heroes that maybe now no longer exist.

L'Eroica 2017 - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
L’Eroica 2017 – Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena

So  the Eroica took its first step  in 1997. During this time it has always had the mission of spreading the values of the past cycling, where athletes were trying to overcome the  physical limits with sacrifice and tenacity; where there was respect for their rivals.

At the first Eroica took part only 92 participants. In the latest edition that was in 2015 (the 19th to be exact) were there 6200 participants of which 2,300 from 58 different countries.

eroica 2017 - Borgo Grondaie
a race for everybody – Borgo Grondaie

A worldwide success that has seen the birth of many Eroica around the World from Britain to Japan, from the Netherlands to California and South Africa all’Huruguay.

 The Eroica 2017 on October 1th in Gaiole in Chianti remains theEroica par excellence, the most important that you should not miss! Another important race is also Strade Bianche
which is on 3rd March 2018!

The route winds through some of the most beautiful roads of the Chianti region, Valdarbia and Valdorcia; but the highlight is represented by those traits still exist dirt roads, which allow you to experience the atmosphere of classic cyclism.

For  Edition of Eroica 2017 you can choose among:

eroica 2017
eroica trails

This is the simplest and shortest
, about 2 hours biking and 700 meters difference in altitude. It is a little taste of the Eroica Dream!

This is the First Step to the Real Eroica,
4 hours biking and 1900 meters difference in altitude; amazing in the landscape.

This is the mithic Eroica but not the complete one.
It is basically for biking lovers but very trained because you could bike up to 10-12 hours.

More than 3700 meters difference in altitude and average time of 15 hours biking
;  the last ones arrives after 10pm!

Here you can find all the extreme Eroica as well as the amazing landscapes of Chianti and Crete senesi.


Particular attention should be paid to the Eroica Regulation

In fact, the events of the Eroica in 2017 you can participate only with an Eroica bike (Vintage Bicycles built before 1987) or a Vintage Bike.

Eroica 2017 - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
Eroica 2017 – Photo Credit Alessandro Frigeri

Same is for clothing that will have to be in tune with the event and then Sweaters and Vintage shorts with materials used until the late ’80s.

No wetsuits are allowed in modern style and technical fabrics.

Accessories play a very important role … better if they are original to respect the spirit of the event!

 Live the emotion of the Eroica in 2017

and ride on dirt roads that have shaped the history of the classic cycling

eroica 2017 - Borgo Grondaie
eroica 2017 – Borgo Grondaie

Hotel Borgo Grondaie is located in a very strategic position

-32 KM away from Gaiole in Chianti ( starting point of  Eroica on October 1th )

5 Reasons to come here:

Covered and locked bike storage

Wash bike area

Laundry with dry machine

welcome kit with bars and salts

Pool with salt water









if you are planning to come biking Siena with a group of Friends, send us a Mail , we will grant you a customized offer!


Of course you can take advantage of a Biking weekend in Tuscany on Eroica 2017 to visit Siena and Chianti region

We are waiting for  you  here for Biking in Siena!

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