Can you imagine discovering Chianti area with a Fiat 500? The Fiat 500 was one of the symbols of the Italian ‘50s & ‘60s. Thanks to Borgo Grondaie’s guests, who have enjoyed so much the tour, we discovered this wonderful initiative which gives you the chanceto know the Chianti area driving one of the beautiful and historic FIAT 500

Ezio, James, Paola, Olivia, Robert and Topsy are the names that the organizers (FIAT 500 TOURING CLUB)  have given to the cars. The tour starts in Florence always with a guide. After a little brief training on how to drive them (remember the double downshifts?), It starts along the road of Chianti where you can admire the beautiful landscapes, endless vineyards and the beautiful hills of olive trees. During the tour also drive along part of the road that forms part of the route of MILLE MIGLIA’s race

Fiat 500

Your guide will explain the zone by radio. And then could not miss the music: Italian ’60s.
In addition to the Classic Tour, there are many other options that include wine tasting, cooking classes, Picnic Tour, Dinner Tour (tour at sunset with dinner in a Private Renaissance villa).
In conclusion, an initiative that we love and will make your Italian vacation perfect, in the spirit of “dolce” and beautiful life

Fiat 500
Chainti with a Fiat 500
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