GF Monteriggioni Biking Race


Sunday, March 18th 2018
GF Monteriggioni Biking Race


After the Strade Bianche, another important cycling race will take place this weekend in Siena: GF Monteriggioni biking race

GF Monteriggioni Biking Race - Hotel Borgo Grondaie Siena
GF Monteriggioni Biking Race

One of the historic races of Coppa Toscana of the MTB races, which has now reached its 27th edition. But this year the GF Monteriggioni biking race got a major innovation:
the BMC, a internationally well-known cycling brand, will sponsor the sport event.

A very prestigious collaboration that definitely will mark a turning point in the importance of the race within the Tuscan circuit.

Why should you choose to take part to this race?

First of all you can get the chance to ride in one of the most beautiful areas for biking in Tuscany along the trails of the Via Francigenaas well as testing  your riding skills on dirt roads and wild trails.


GF monteriggioni biking race - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
GF monteriggioni biking race

This year, the Race route has not changed substantially compared to the previous editions.

The track that develops in the Sienese Hills, offers a choice of a LONG RACE with adouble pass inside the Castle of Monteriggioni and a SHORT RACE .

Do not miss the GPM Race placed on the top  of Fungaia with a 5km climb.

Length: 52 km of medium difficulty
altitude: 1400 mt

length: 24 km
vertical drop: 650 mt

The new double pass inside the Castle of Monteriggioni will make a more exciting and spectacular race.

GF monteriggioni biking race - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Monteriggioni Castle – Hotel Borgo Grondaie

It was built between 1214 by the Republic of Siena as a bastion of defense and surveillance of the Via Francigena and the Elsa Valley in the direction of Florence, the historic enemy of Siena.

Its historical importance is mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy (Hell- XXXI)


GF Monteriggioni biking race - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
GF monteriggioni biking race

… But let’s go back to the GF Monteriggioni biking race..

after a final climb of 300 meters but with a 23% difference in height, the final shot to the arrival  it will be from Porta Fiorentina up to inside the Castle


During the event a Guided walk will be organised on Sunday 18th March at 2.30 pm into the woods of the  Montagnola hillchain. Moreover in the same day you can enjoy the view from the castle joining the guided tour along the walls and the visit at the museum

GF monteriggioni biking race - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
GF monteriggioni biking race – Hotel Borgo Grondaie


Why don’t you the chance to visit Siena?

GF Monteriggioni biking race - Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Siena – Hotel Borgo Grondaie

Hotel Borgo Grondaie is located just 10 minutes from Monteriggioni and 2 km away from the historic center of Siena.

Strategic location, rooms and apartments, private parking, bicycle storage, bike washing.

Choose the most suitable offer for you! Visit our hotel site Borgo Grondaie and enjoy a weekend in Siena biking on the amazing roads of its countryside.

Edited by Borgo Grondaie



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