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Culture, history and wine-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
Culture, history and wine-“Il trionfo di Bacco” (D.R.Velazquez)

A journey through history to understand how wine has influenced humans’ life and culture since ancient times.

For millennia men’s lives and vineyards have been closely related, and wine has played a very important role in different cultures.

In prehistoric times the processing and fermentation of wine seemed an extraordinary phenomenon given the consequences of inebriation and euphoria. Furthermore, men (even before Christianity) has attributed wine some sort of divine and sacred properties due to its color that resembles blood.

In Ancient Greece, in the Mycenaean age, wine was usually drunken to celebrate Dionysian festivals as a toast to Dionysus-the god of vegetation, fertility and wine.

History of wine-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
History of wine-The Myth of Dionysus

The Etruscan god Voltumna was protector of vineyards, and wine was also offered at funerals. Tuscan-Umbrian people used it in religious rituals and the “tabula Veliterna” dating back to the IV century is living proof of this.

History of wine-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
History of wine-The Etruscan god Voltumna

The Romans drank wine during Bacchus’s rituals and sacrificia: wine and incense were burned at the fireplace, meat and wine were offered to the gods and blood, milk and wine were poured over graves.

History of wine-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
History of wine-Romans combined meat with wine

Hundreds are the references to wine in Christianity surrounding the figure of Christ in both the Old and the New Testament, such as the miracle of the Wedding at Cana, where it is said he turned water into wine.

History of wine-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
History of wine-Wedding at Cana

Numerous quotations and poems have been dedicated to this fine drink. From Latin pets to modern authors, wine has always triggered interest due to both its health and mental benefits.

History of wine-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
History of wine-Quotation of Charles Baudelaire

In the Italian popular culture its importance has been conveyed in about 5.500 proverbs, which have been collected and published over time.

Currently, viticulture has a significant influence all around world and it is facing significant changes in winemaking due to new technologies in the field.

History of wine-Hotel Borgo Grondaie
History of wine-“La spillatura del vino” (Ceruti)

Thus, it seems that men have created a very strong bond with wine since ancient times. In fact, men have been able to gain benefits from it as well as creating a culture which makes them both protagonists of the daily life of many civilizations around the world, ranging from West to East.

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