Carnival Holidays in Siena 2020

One of the most loved holidays is coming to town: Carnival! This holiday, has always been connected to the countryland, because, as it comes at the end of winter, was used to celebrate the rebirth of the vegetation and the coming of the light, saying goodbye to the dark led by winter. The Tuscan one it’s famous for its parades full of carnival floats and for the happiness it brings to you.

Today, we’re gonna give you the schedule of some of them, such as the one of Siena and some adjacent towns.

Let’s start from our city, Siena. There will be 17 parties, because every contrada celebrates its own. The afternoons are totally dedicated to the kids, with some attractions, music and magic shows, the evenings are, instead, for the adults, with live music and different shows. We cannot forget about the enogatronomic meetings, in which you have the possibility to taste some of our typical foods, like for example the famous “cenciata” in the Chiocciola’s contrada (the “cencio” is a typical fried sweet covered in powdered sugar that in other parts of Italy are called “chiacchiere” or “frappe”). But the carnival will be also celebrated in Piazza del Campo, with a big party on the 5ft of March (Mardi Gras) from 3:30pm, and there will be a lot of music, some games, workshops and entertainers, and free frittelle (another tyical fried sweet) for the kids under 12years old! From 6pm there will be a parade with lots of masks, such as the famous “Cassandro” from Siena.

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Carnival in Piazza del Campo

Within the four Sundays of Carnival (10, 17, 24th of February and the 3rd of March), strarting from 3:30pm you can partecipate (free entrance) to the Carnival’s party of San Gimignano. A big parade of carnival floats within the city centre, with the wonderful view of the two famous towers.

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Carnival in San Gimignano

For the Monteriggioni’s Carnival, it will take place in the city centre of its hamlet, within an old abbey of Abbadia Isola. It will be full of games, dances, workshops and happiness!

Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
Carnival in Monteriggioni

The last one we will talk about will be the one of Buonconvento, an old village from 300AD, near Siena. On the last Sunday of Carnival, from 3:30pm to 7:00pm (free entrance), it will be possible to partecipate to a parade in the city centre with floats made by groups of people from the village. There will also be a band that will play live music and masks of every kind.

 Carnival in Siena Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
Carnival in Buonconvento

Borgo Grondaie, at only 1,5 km from the city centre, is in a strategical position to reach the locations we mentioned. Visit our websites to find the best offers!

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Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie
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