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Borgo Grondaie blog: your guide to discover Siena

Borgo Grondaie Blog wants to be a starting point for your tour around Tuscany discovering Siena, Chianti or Brunello region and an update on all the cultural events of our city. Siena and its countryside can offer you fantastic experiences. A visit to a winery in the Brunello area? A walk or a horseback riding through Chianti vineyards? Choose the best restaurants where you can enjoy Siena traditional cuisine?

We are at your complete disposal to help you building great memories of your holiday in the land of Siena. Borgo Grondaie can offer you hotel rooms or apartments solution for your stay close to Siena center.

Proud of what we are, where we are and for the absolute certainty we wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world. Thanks Borgo Grondaie!

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