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Borgo Grondaie suggests you a Winery in Montepulciano

Tenuta Valdipiatta open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

We have already suggested you here the winery Tenuta di Valdipiatta in Montepulciano and now I’ll tell you why.
Our region, Tuscany, is full of wineries so it is not possible for us to know each one of them.
But, as the saying goes, if Mohammed will not go to the mountain the mountain goes to Muhammad, and something like that happened to me with Tenuta Valdipiatta.
In Italy we have a daily program TV called TG2 Costume e Società and I have to thanks this program for introducing me to this winery.
In fact, on February 27th, 2009 this program spoke about the Tenuta Valdipiatta, its products and the project Adopt a barrel.
Fortunately I was at home watching the TV at that moment and what impressed me too much was the project Adopt a barrel. It offers to wine lovers wishing to become winemakers, without owning either vineyards or cellars.
When adopting a barrel you become the principal player in their wine producing process and create a product that totally satisfies your own taste. At the same time you start a personal and very privileged partnership with the Estate.
I have not had yet the opportunity to visit Tenuta di Valdipiatta but I recommended that to some guests of Borgo Grondaie and they loved it and thanks me a lot for the suggestion.
The estate offers the following Visits and Tours:
Noble Tasting (Duration: 15-20 min) Euro 7 per personGuests will be welcomed to the winery for a tasting of 3 wines selected from Tenuta Valdipiatta’s production.
Mini Tour (Duration: 20-30 min) Euro 10 per personAfter a short tour of the production facilities (fermentation room and ageing cellar) guests will have the opportunity to taste 3 wines selected from Tenuta Valdipiatta’s production.
Flavours of Tuscany (Duration: 30 – 45 min) Euro 23 per person
A complete “taste of Tuscany” experience: guests will visit the production facilities and ageing room, and explore the characteristics of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. After the tour, they will have the opportunity to discover some of the Southern Tuscany’s traditional products, including Pecorino di Pienza and Extra Virgin Olive Oli, paired with Tenuta di Valdipiatta’s wines.
- tasting of 3 wines
- selection of 3 kinds of Pecorino di Pienza DOP sheep milk cheese
_ Valdipiatta Extra Virgin Olive Oil served on slices of Tuscan bread
Old vintages tasting (Duration: 1h-1h 1/2) Euro 33 per person A guided visit of the wine cellar with accompanyng explanation of the winemaking processes and the regulations of the Appellation, will be followed by an exclusive tasting of 3 of Tenuta Valdipiatta’s finest vintages, produced from different varietals. Guests will learn how to analyze and appreciate the excellence that results from a long bottle ageing and careful grape selection.
The wine tasting session will be accompanied by Tenuta Valdipiatta Extra Virgin Olive Oil served on slices of Tuscan bread
Wine tasting from barrel and barrique (Duration: 1h 1/2) Euro 65 per person Tenuta Valdipiatta offers its guests a rare experience: an exclusive wine tasting in the cellar carved out of the tufa, where Tenuta Valdipiatta’s choicest wines are refined in wood.
Tasting wines drawn directly from the barrel is normally a privilege reserved for winemakers, but they decided to extend the possibility to those guests who are most passionate about wine. As barrel-drawn wine is a product in development, guest will be guided through the tasting by their experienced technical personnel.
The tour of the cantina will be followed by a tasting of three of our finest wines, which will be uncorked exclusively for guests, and will be accompained by a tasting of Tenuta Valdipiatta’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.
 Under the Tuscan sun (Duration: 1h 1/2 – 2 h + lunch) Euro 85 per personFor those who wish to enrich the experience of Tenuta Valdipiatta’s cellar tour with a relaxing break in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, Tenuta Valdipiatta offers an exclusive wine tour that concludes with refreshments served al fresco in the winery’s garden.
After the tour of our vinification facilities, and the historical barrel cellar carved out of the tufa, guests will be taken to one of the vineyards near the cantina for a more in-depth discussion of the agronomic aspects of wine production, followed by a tasting of four of Tenuta Valdipiatta’s finest vintages.
At the ed of the tour,  guests will have the chance to relax and enjoy an open-air picnic that will be set up exclusively for them near one of Tenuta Valdipiatta’s vineyards. The picnic will consist of local specialities and Tenuta Valdipiatta wines. Please note that if the weather conditions will not be good, the pic-nic/lunch will be held indoor.

For more information about hours, directions, bookings and the project Adopt a  barrel go to Tenuta Valdipiatta

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