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PIENZA AND FLOWERS from 29 April to 13 May

“Pienza and flowers” is a traditional festival starting the second weekend of May and includes an exhibition of plants and flowers along the streets of this beautiful village.

It was initially created as a selling exhibition of high quality to enhance the architecture of the square Pio II and the Papal Palace and enhance the floral character already present in the city classical style. ‘Pienza and the flowers’ presents itself as a celebration of Spring canon, a sort of floral jubilation, a hymn to the arrival of summer, the new fruits, a some kind of flower ritual of farming year.

. During this event there you could have the chance to visite some of the most beautiful garden of Val d’Orcia area,  as for example  the rooftop garden of the Palazzo Piccolomini and Sant’Anna in Camprena both located in Pienza; the public park Bosco Isabella in Radicofani, Leonini Garden and the Rose Garden in San Quirico d’Orcia.

For more information please contact Hotel Borgo Grondaie office

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