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 merlo%20bianco THE DAYS OF THE BLACKBIRD   January 29TH/30TH/31ST

Hello everyone!

Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie is curious to know how you will spend the next few days (January 29th/30th/31st ) called the “days of the blackbird”.Surely you know that by tradition these three days are considered to be the coldest of the year,but do you know why?

The legend tells that once January had only 28 days and every year it enjoyed to harass a beautiful white plumage blackbird. Indeed, it seems that whenever the little bird came out of the nest to find food,January sent on Earth icy weather and storms of snow.
One day,before the arrival of January,the cunning blackbird collected so many food that it was never needed to go out and could stay warm in the nest for all 28days of the month.January started feeling teased and asked February for three of its days so when the blackbird had came out,January would have been in time to send on Earth cold and frost. When the blackbird came out sure that icy weather was ended, January sent a storm of snow that the bird was no longer able to reach its nest and it was forced to shelter in a chimney pot. The poor bird remained there for three days and when it came out, its white feathers had become dark because of the soot….since then it is said that all blackbirds born with black plumage.

Here at Borgo Grondaie we have a beautiful fire place….you may visit us and check our blackbirds!

An old proverb says that when theese days are really cold, spring is not so far away…. So we hope and for now we wish you good freezing !!!


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