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The historical parade for the Palio of Siena is much more than a parade that precedes each Palio. It tell us the story, the emotion and proud of Sienese guys who are chosen to represent their Contrada in the promenade. The beauty of seeing the parade composed of 700 persons , horses, flags and drums…. has no equal! Borgo Grondaie does not want to tell you what’s going on during the parade, we want instead to make you concentrate on the costumes worn by the participants. As you can imagine from 1626, day of the first parade, the costumes were not always the same. On 2000 there was the last renewal but the turning point about the costumes was in 1980 when the three drafters chosen by the town council have managed to instill the ‘elegance of the late fifteenth century, through the study of famous paintings from 1450 to 1520. Regarding the materials that were used, the difficulty of finding on the market various colors of brocade fabrics , made the drafters dream up what is called “embossing”, where thanks to a mechanical roller were etched in relief the desired drawings. To give you an idea of all details taken into account for each character of the historic walk ,let me tell you the story of the costume used for the TEACHER figure: it has been used red velvet for the hat, trimmed with “vaio” fur (a kind of squirrel), the Robone ( a long sackcloth) with deep pleats and side opening till the waist. In order to reproduce the vaio fur, they used a white synthetics stitched- segments of fur, on which stripes were drawn with graphite to simulate the color of this little squirrel. Almost all the dresses are hand-sewn with delicate and precious threads and attention to detail. Can you image how long to tailor all costumes?


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Bravio delle Botti (Barrels Competition) – August 26th , 2012 – Montepulciano (SIENA)

 Bravio delle Botti (Barrels Competition)   August 26th , 2012   Montepulciano (SIENA)

In Montepulciano, a nice village near Siena, every year a tiring uphill race takes place: a race of barrels called Bravìo.
Eight districts compete for a painted cloth by rolling barrels (of approximately 80 kg each) along an uphill path for more than 1 km.
The path of the heavy barrels winds through the picturesque streets of the old town until the finish line located in the Piazza Grande square in front of the Cathedral.
The word Bravìo derives from the vulgar “Bravium” and indicates the painted cloth bearing the image of the patron saint St. John the Beheaded, in whose honor the citizens celebrate the feast.
The tradition of the past to play this race riding horses was interrupted in the seventeenth century and the inclusion in the modern era of the barrels wants to be a strong call to one of the most typical product of the town: the wine of Montepulciano.


At 3 o’clock p.m. : historical parade

At 7 o’ clock p.m.  race with the barrels


For more information contact Hotel Borgo Grondaie


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July,12th Tournament of Crossbow – BAGNI DI LUCCA (LUCCA)

 July,12th Tournament of Crossbow   BAGNI DI LUCCA (LUCCA)

Historical Celebration in Bagni di Lucca.

In 1169 the government of Lucca decided to establish a group of Archers in defense of the city.
In 1443 it  was organized the first tournament of the crossbow that is still played every year in honor of the Feast of San Paolino.
There will be competitions, historical parades, a medieval market and delicious tastings of typical products.
For more information about the program please contact Siena Hotel Borgo Grondaie.

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July 2nd, The Palio of Siena

 July 2nd, The Palio of Siena

The Palio of Siena is a horse race competition among  ten of the seventeen Districts (Contrada) in which the city is divided.
The race traditionally called “Carriera” takes place twice a year, on July,2nd dedicated to the Madonna of Provenzano and on  August 16th  in honor of Our Lady of the Assumption.
To win the race, horse (with or without jockey) must cut the finish line first after three laps of the Campo Square (Piazza del  Campo).
The winner District receives the Palio, a banner of silk ( Drappellone or Cencio ) that is hand painted by local or international  artists . This prestigious  prize will be carefully preserved in the museum of the Contrada forever.

The next  horse race will take place on  Monday, July 2nd and  the protagonists will be the following Contrada: Eagle ( Aquila)/ Giraffe ( Giraffa)/ Unicorn (Leocorno)/ Shell (Nicchio)/Wave(Onda)/Forest (Selva)/ Snail (Chiocciola)/ Dragon (Drago)/ Tortoise (Tartuca)/ Caterpiller (Bruco).
The fateful moment of the race will be, as always, preceded by amazing  days full of events as  the presentation of Drappellone on  Monday, June 25th  at  7 p.m.  inside the Cortile del Podestà ( Courtyard of Palazzo Pubblico in Piazza del Campo), followed  by Friday, June 29th  with the draw for the horses (the so-called “Tratta”), and then the horse trials, the historical parade …everything  up to the long-awaited day of the Carriera emphasized by ancient sounds like the bell of the Tower, or the sound of trumpets (Chiarine).

A magical atmosphere to live intensely immersed between past and present, songs and prayers … and so much feeling.
For detailed information about the program please contact Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie.

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