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Monteriggioni Siena Monday 9th April 2012


1332175487 offer 013 the medieval monteriggioni castle Monteriggioni Siena Monday 9th April 2012

Monteriggioni Castello

9th of April 2012

Welcoming  the New Season

Free entrance


10 am – Market of spices

- learning activities to know about the use of herbs in the ancient times for the preparation of herbal teas and ointments

- drysalters, herbalists, barkers, alchemists to remember the old habits

- poets, jesters and friars for telling stories


12 am – Welcoming the new season

- parade of all the noble men and the lord of the castle, together with the drummers and the garrison of the castle

- performance of the drummers to welcome the new season


3 pm – Workshop of the enchantments

- entertainment for the small guests with ‘il Giullarjocoso and Ygraine’ (jestlers / clowns)


4 pm – The historical group of Monteriggioni  holding court

- gathering in the main square in presence of the lord of the castle, involving the public in funny games


5 pm – Closing of the festival activities

- performance of dancers and drummers

- procession of closure


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Buonconvento 2 ANTIQUE FAIR near SIENA


XXX Antique fair -  things from the past


Beginning date:6th April 2012  Ending date: 9th April 2012

The antique fair that usually takes place in Bounconvento over Easter weekend this year comes to it’s XXX edition. Closely linked to our cultural artistic and ethnic traditions, this fair was born with the aim to introduce and promote ancient and modern furnishings, books, pottery, jewelry, carpets etc.

Some of them, the most particular and decorated, are greatly appreciated by antique lovers and dealers, who had collected and restore them giving back their quality and value.

These pieces represent fantasy, talent, and creativeness of craftsmen work.

Buonconvento town council together with traders and craftsmen want to promote this fair as an exhibition, where both foreign tourists and local people could admire our beautiful antiques and make an acquaintance with Siena territory and  taste the best  Val d’Orcia vines as well.

Borgo Grondaie main office will be available for more information


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