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Discovering Chianti area with a Fiat 500

Can you imagine discovering Chianti area with a Fiat 500? The Fiat 500 was one of the symbols of the Italian ‘50s & ‘60s. Thanks to Borgo Grondaie’s guests, who have enjoyed so much the tour, we discovered this wonderful initiative which gives you the chanceto know the Chianti area driving one of the beautiful and historic FIAT 500

Ezio, James, Paola, Olivia, Robert and Topsy are the names that the organizers (FIAT 500 TOURING CLUB)  have given to the cars. The tour starts in Florence always with a guide. After a little brief training on how to drive them (remember the double downshifts?), It starts along the road of Chianti where you can admire the beautiful landscapes, endless vineyards and the beautiful hills of olive trees. During the tour also drive along part of the road that forms part of the route of MILLE MIGLIA’s race

fiat 500 florence tuscany tour 9 Discovering Chianti area with a Fiat 500

Fiat 500

Your guide will explain the zone by radio. And then could not miss the music: Italian ’60s.
In addition to the Classic Tour, there are many other options that include wine tasting, cooking classes, Picnic Tour, Dinner Tour (tour at sunset with dinner in a Private Renaissance villa).
In conclusion, an initiative that we love and will make your Italian vacation perfect, in the spirit of “dolce” and beautiful life

fiat 500 tuscany tour 12 Discovering Chianti area with a Fiat 500

Fiat 500

fiat 500 florence tuscany tour 8 1024x1024 Discovering Chianti area with a Fiat 500

Chainti with a Fiat 500

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The passions…

If  it is true that the passions rule the world and the land of Tuscany and Siena’s territory are known to create great passions in the hearts of those coming to visit us. One of all … the wine!

chianti spring 600x380 THE PASSIONS RULE THE WORLD


The true lovers of wine are familiar with the rules governing the wine with the name ” Chianti Classico” 

For all others who are passionate about wine, as we are in Borgo Grondaie, but that are not involved in the daily production of what is called the “nectar of gods”, let us introduce you to some of the rules that make the wine a “Chianti Classico” D.O.C.G. (controlled designation of origin guaranteed)

For example do you know that Sangiovese grape is the real soul of Chianti Classico: typical of these areas , the Sangiovese grapes more than any other is able to represent the characteristics of the ground where it grows succeeding to lend the grape aromas and flavors that send you back to areas of origin ( as a floral bouquet refers to the sandstones , the aroma of berries to the limestone and the smell of fresh tobacco to tuff ) by maintaining the scent of violets that characterizes this incomparable wine.

Along with Sangiovese, other red grapes can be present in a maximum of 20 %,  , such as Canaiolo and Colorino , and those “international” , such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, recommended and / or authorized in the production area .

Among the major organic characteristics are: the ruby color that can sometimes become intense and deep , the scent with floral notes combined with the typical character of red fruit, the smooth taste,  the minimum alcohol content of 12 degrees for the young wine and 12.5 degrees for the reserve , the minimum dry extract content of 24 g/l and the total acidity of not less than 4.5 g/l.

Production factors : the yield of grapes per hectare may not exceed 75 quintal  after 4 years from plant and the yield of grapes into wine can not be greater than 70% , which is 52.50 hectoliters of wine per hectare. In addition, the operations of winemaking and bottling must take place exclusively within the production area and the authorization for home consumption is permitted from the 1rst October subsequent to grape harvest. For the Reserve is mandatory an ageing minimum of 24 months , of which at least 3 of aging in bottle.

Also with regard to the label . The label must indicate ” Chianti Classico” with the specification of ” Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin ” , one of the most prestigious awards for Italian wines , and highlight the year of production of the grapes.

Wine is the poetry of the earth, Mario Soldati writer and director


The wineries open their doors on May 26th , 2013

Siena is a land of wine and this value is recognized all over the world. Chianti and Brunello’s wineries open their doors to public for tours and tastings on May 26th.
If your intention is to taste many wines remember that there is the possibility of transfers from Siena downtown and for a small rate it will allow you to taste the nectar of Bacchus without worrying about driving.

Enjoy your visit!WINE SHUTTLE 2013 26 maggio The wineries open their doors on May 26th , 2013

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Along the freeway Florence-Siena, one wonders what that new and futuristic building, that we find in Bargino village (near San Casciano Val di Pesa), could be.
It’s the new Antinori’s winary, the result of an ambitious project strongly wanted by Antinori’s Family, who produces wine from 26 generations and, after five centuries, moves its headquarters from the center of Florence to the heart of “Chianti Classico”.The cellar was built excavating in a hill and then covering the building with the ground.
On the roof, for didactic purposes, a vineyard was planted that brings together all the varieties of the Chianti vineyards, even those almost forgotten.
Inside the building there are three aisles 75 meters long, where, at a constant temperature of 17 degrees, barriques and barrels rest for a potential production of two and a half million bottles per year.

In addition to the winery and bottling area, the building consists of a museum, wine tasting areas, one restaurant, 250-seat auditorium, offices, and one wine store.

The project of the new winery (that has great respect for the Tuscan environment and landscape) is unique because combines architectural innovations and modern technologies of wine making with the Antinori’s family tradition.

Opening is scheduled for February 2013.

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