Carnival of Foiano

Every year, during the month of February, very close to Siena takes place the beautiful Carnival of Foiano with the participation of adults and children coming from all the province.

 Carnival of Foiano

If the departure is from Siena, you’ll have to go in the direction of Perugia and exit at Foiano della Chiana.

Few days ago the first parades began after noon and the party was further enhanced by the organization of traditional dances of Ecuador. Who is writing this post is Gabriela, the new entry in Borgo Grondaie team. My origins are from Ecuador that is why this event make me feel proud and closer to my country.

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The protagonists of the Carnival are the 4 groups: AZZURRI, BOMBOLO, NOTTAMBULI & RUSTICI.

To discover the origin of these Carnival groups we have to come back to the last century. During the year, each group works hard to build a parade float, they choose a float design and with an allegorical theme (freely chosen by each group).

To avoid wrong behaviour and external aid, the float construction takes place in the same building.

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The artisans work with passion without receiving any compensation.

The floats parades are judged by a jury composed of 5 professionals: a designer, a painter, an art critic, a sculptor and a journalist.


An atmosphere of joy and happiness as the floats parades are passing by, many smiles and lots of confetti! An experience not to be missed!

Last Sunday of Carnival , the verdict will be read following the funeral of King Giocondo: the King of Carnival.

At this point of King Giocondo’s Testament will be read in the Piazza: it was reading in rhyme by the President of the Carnival all positive and negative passed year events

Upcoming events: sunday 2nd & 9th of march 2014

Ticket Prices:

Ordinary: Euro 8,00

Children under 12: Free

Discount Family: 2 adults + 1 child = Euro 13,00

Group discount of more than 30 people: Euro 7,00

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