Art and Culture in Siena

The month of April in Siena will be full of unmissable events. Art and Culture in Siena: Siena is waiting for give a cultural journey in art, celebrating the Sienese painter Ambrogio Lorenzetti, with a campaign of restoration of his works.

The restoration will be carried out in Santa Maria della Scala in Siena, which is transformed for the occasion in a restoration laboratory, accessible to visitors who will have the chance to see the works on restoration with their own eyes.

Art and Culture in Siena - Borgo Grondaie
Santa Maria della scala – Borgo Grondaie

Every Saturday enjoy the Art and Culture in Siena!

from March 12 to June 25, 2016 you will experience a journey through art and culture in Siena and you will also have the opportunity to meet the restorers of Lorenzetti’s frescoes who will illustrate you the results obtained so far and they will drive you through the visit of the construction site to discover the works.


Moreover, during Saturdays of April (2, 9, 16 and 23 April) Siena is looking for you to join the Cammino della Misericordia, which includes a guided visit to the museum complex of Santa Maria della Scala and the Metropolitan Opera.

Art and Culture in Siena- Borgo Grondaie
Cathedral of Siena – Borgo Grondaie


In addition to Santa Maria della Scala, the path includes the entrance to the Cathedral of Siena (designed in part by Gothic master Nicola Pisano and his son, Giovanni, who drew up the plans for the lower half of the facade, begun in 1285), the transition from the Porta della Misericordia of the Duomo of Siena, the visit to the Donatello’s sculpture of the Madonna and Child with four cherubs, nicknamed of Forgiveness, in the Museo dell’Opera.

Art and Culture in Siena - Borgo Grondaie
Duomo di Siena- Borgo Grondaie

If you are an art lover or just want to make a trip out of town and delight your eyes with some paintings, Siena offers you the most unique opportunity by giving you a journey through art and culture.

And which better place to stay, if not Borgo Grondaie, which throughout its history has undergone a restructuration and it is located in a very picturesque place where you can meet with the peace of mind. Our hotel is located just a few minutes from the center of the city and for those who want to enjoy every corner of   Siena, why not take a walk!?


Art and Culture in Siena - Borgo Grondaie
Sunset seen from Borgo Grondaie pool


Siena and Borgo Grondaie are looking forward to accommodate you with these and much more events by giving you some days dedicated to art and local culture.


Denisa – trainee at Hotel Borgo Grondaie


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