A village in the Chianti area: San Gusmè

San Gusmè between the unknown and unforgettable cities 

The magazine Forbes Italy indicate the city of San Gusmè, a very small city near Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI), as one of the ideal destinations for those who wants to know Italy in an authentic way. San Gusmè is really small, there’s no museum and there are just few shops, in fact this is right its beauty and particularity. It’s a small town where seems the time it’s never passed. Something interesting bound to this little town is the history behind the creation of a sculpture based outside the walls of the village. 


San Gusmè
San Gusmè Village

The legend bound to the sculpture is born around the nineteenth century when the viallage’s innkeeper, tired of cleaning up the filth of the impolite patrons, built an external small room with the sign Public Restroom. But considering that the clients were illiterate, no one was using it so that bad smell remained. That’s why he decides to make a little sculpture which represented a crouching man in relieving himself.

The sculpture is been called “Luca Cava” and every year, in September, the village celebrate this funny character with the party of Luca Cava, organizing songs and banquets.


San Gusmè
Luca Cava Sculpture – San Gusmè


This village it’s a small reality which still have intact round walls, where inside there are the parish churches. It’s a turistical centre thanking to its medieval history which deserve a visit, so if you’re hanging around over there you must go to visit San Gusmè and admire its romanesque style.

The village is easily reachable in half an hour from Borgo Grondaie through the county road 408, which is the road that cross all of the Chianti area, following in Pianella direction on the county road 111 until you get to San Gusmè. It is also possible include San Gusmè into the Chianti’s tour visiting all of the area.

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Hotel Siena Borgo Grondaie


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