7 tips you need to know about Italy

7 tips you need to know about Italy

If you are planning a trip to our country, here are 7 tips you need to know about Italy.

These are 7 tips you need to know about Italy:

1 – Italian body language and gestures

Since your arrival in Italy, there is something you will be astonished by: the gestures. Everyone, in Italy, use the body language to reinforce what he wants to say. Since it is really easy to misunderstand this way to communicate, we suggest you watching this funny video, helpful to understand the most commonly used gestures.

2 – City tax

Don’t worry if the tax changes from town to town. Yes, it sounds a bit odd, but every city has its own tax depending on its needs: by the way, we are talking about a few euros tax.

3 – Parking In Italy

The parking system includes a variety of stripes.  Looking for a free slot you will mainly find 3 different colours:
➢    White – This one means the parking is free
➢    Blue – If you find the blue strips you will have to pay a small fee (depending on the hours of stay)
➢    Yellow – This slot Is not available unless you are disabled or you are carrying one.

4 – Roads’ colours and rules

Like as the parking lots, even the roads (in particular the road signs) have different colours and different speed limits.
➢    Urban streets – The common streets, where you will drive every day in each town or city. They are absolutely free and the colour you will find is white. Inside the town the speed limit is 50 km/h
➢    Suburban roads – While you exit from the town and decide to move to another one, you will drive in this free streets, where the limit is 90 km/h (55 mph) and the signs’ colour is white
➢    Motorways– These are such as a middle way between suburban roads and motorways. Even if they are completely free, here you will not find any pedestrian, cyclist or small motors. If you don’t want to pay any toll, this would be the best choice; the speed limit is 110 km/h (68 mph) and their signposts are blue
➢    Toll roads – These are the fastest roads you will find in Italy, with its 130 km/h (80 mph) limit, but here you will need to pay a toll. The colour of their signs is green.

5 – Italian breakfast

Italy, as you know, is famous all around the world for its food. Therefore, in our culture every meal is important, starting from the breakfast. Nonetheless, while you are going to have a breakfast in a café, you will not find any bacon or eggs, because our traditional breakfast is composed by a pastry and an Espresso or a Cappuccino. However, nowadays, many hotels and residences prepare a “continental breakfast”, which includes even bacon, eggs and cold cuts.

6 – Taxi

If you are planning a dinner out with some friends or family and you prefer not driving back to your hotel or residence, don’t worry, there are a lot of taxi services, that will carry you wherever you want. Don’t be surprised by the taximeter, which generally starts from 6€ during the day and 8€ at night. That’s because you have to pay the call

7 – Tips

In the Italian restaurants, waiters are not supposed to be paid for their service. Instead, you will pay the “Coperto”, a standard fee always added to your bill: its price’s range is usually between 1€ and 3€. Therefore, you will not have to pay the tip, unless you want to reward the waiter.  These are just a few practical tips.

So, if you want to visit Italy, join us and… remember to print this leaflet as these are 7 tips you need to know about Italy!